Thursday, May 1, 2008

Crafty Ideas

Flitting around blog-land I've come across some wonderfully crafty sites recently. I have neither time (nor much inclination - thank goodness) to go on a crafting binge, but for some reason I'm completely enthralled with looking at other's amazingly creative endeavors. Here are some of my finds:

I've just got to remember this come next Christmas! These little elf clogs are too cute, but what to do with them? Maybe they could hold candy and serve as a place setting decoration for Christmas dinner? I think I would fasten them together with some twisted embroidery floss so they can hang from the tree.

I like wearing aprons when I cook and like a pretty apron especially, so I was intrigued that there are entire websites devoted to apron design. This gorgeous apron is downright elegant and makes me want to stitch up some beauties; while these aprons and these just make me want to be skinny. Oh, to look so good in the kitchen! And here is a tutorial for making a half apron out of jeans and pretty fabric. I don't think I could get away with wearing that, but it sure is cute.

This handbag is pretty and functional. Oh, and these beauties make me think I just may have to try my hand at making a summer cloth handbag (or ten).

I could spend hours clicking through this list of on-line tutorials. Wow! What a treasure trove - I could get lost and never find my way back if I'm not careful.

And this is one of my favs in blog-land: Kelli inspires me with her ideas and what appears to me to be an easy elegance in homemaking (not to mention her great picture-taking of the wonderful things she creates). Her weekly crafts look easy, but always beautiful. These I really am going to try my hand at - to justify my stash of scrapbooking/notecard making supplies.

Okay....enough dreaming up ideas of things to make. For now I apply myself to some decluttering and cleaning so that when the creative bug bites I can scratch without guilt. ;^) Till then, I'll keep these great ideas filed away.

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