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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

And a happy one it was.

I'm older and wiser. And many friends and family were charming enough tell me wonderful things that made me feel better about reaching this milestone birthday. I turned 50 today and it really wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. The anticipation was definitely worse than the reality.

Don't be shocked that I'm admitting my age on the world wide web. Afterall, Greg already announced to practically everyone in our address book exactly how old this old gal is --and encouraged them to send me birthday greetings. Thank you, everyone who sent kind and gentle (and even some profound) words my way.

Following is an e-mail I sent to a friend who asked me how it was -- as she is anticipating her 50th birthday later in the year and is wondering what she and her husband can do to prepare for it:

It's glorious, Friend. Really....when the time comes, just embrace it. I have and it's not as hard as I thought. Oh...and suggest that your husband send an e-mail out announcing to the world that you're now older than dirt. Really. It's all uphill from there.

All kidding aside, it's been a great day. And I'm happy to report that the anticipation was worse than the reality. For months now, I've been whispering, "I'm turning 50 this year." Just to see how it sounded. Today I've proclaimed it proudly at least 5 or 6 times. And no one fainted (or even looked the least bit surprised). Honestly, I wouldn't mind a little touch of surprise from a few of my admirers. Oh yeah...Greg already told them. I have no more secrets. I've embraced humility too.

Okay...truly - now all kidding aside.....We're going to a fun concert in a couple hours -- Riders in the Sky . They are the singing voices on Toy Story 2 (if you can remember back that far -- if you have REASON to remember back that far.) They are a quartet of singing cowboys, comedians and who knows what else they will bring to tickle our funny bones. I figure welcoming in the next 50 years with laughter is the only way to do this thing gracefully.

Thank you for the birthday greetings.

~ Becki

P.S. Make sure your husband has our e-mail address flagged to get your entering-the-2nd-half-of-the-century birthday announcement. But just in case I miss it, Happy 50th, Dear! Isn't it great to be in such good company?