2020 30-Day Minimalism Challenge

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Nearing the end...

Lest you wonder if this is some abstract textile art, let me assure you -  I'm not taking up a new yarny craft.  I'm just nearing the end of my first Spicier Life Blanket...

Fortunately, I've been weaving in the ends as I finish off each section, so while the above may look like an awful task, let me just say...  it's better than it could be, and better than it will be.  I still have 13 changes of color to go - between the final rows and the border.  That's 26 more ends!  And by more, I mean more than you see above!  😦

Even though I'm not terribly averse to "end weaving", I have to admit that the mess above makes me groan just a bit.    But plug away I must.  

I can see that the end is in sight.  

Though it may be the end of me.

Okay, okay...   Time to put an end to this post already!

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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Just one more...

Just a quick post this week.  As I was putting leftover yarn away from making all the hats and scarves over the last few weeks, I came across this yarn that, while I had purchased it once upon a time for making a hat, ended up being a bear to crochet (nevermind knit) with so I had set it aside.

While I contemplated re-homing it, it occurred to me that it might make a cute scarf.  Needing to work fast, I picked out this Openwork Scarf and I ended up making a mobius scarf with it.

While, overall, the variegation leaves me less than impressed, when twisted up around the neck, it doesn't look bad at all.

I'd certainly wear it, so hopefully someone else will see it hanging amongst the scarf selections and decide she wants to take it home with her.  It fits me, so I suspect it will fit a teen or a larger child.

And now that I've definitely got that large charity project behind me, I've pulled out one of my Spicier Life blankets, and I'm going to see how much I can get done if I just concentrate and employ some good old fashioned discipline.

It's a busy week ahead, but it's also going to be beautiful weather-wise, so maybe I can find some time to sit out in the sun and crochet on it in my spare moments (that thought inspired by Sandra's Beautiful Fall post this past week.  😄 

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Hats & scarves are finished!

Finally - here is the happy result of a month and a half of knitting and crocheting kids' and teens' hats and scarves:  
As much as I enjoyed making all the above, it's very good to be finished.  

In the end, there were two or three hats that didn't make the grade, but those provided some good learning experiences and that counts for something.

Now they all just need size labels attached and to be dropped off where they will, hopefully, eventually find noggins and necks to keep warm this winter.  

I'm seriously liking those scarves with the furry pom poms - I may have to make one for myself this winter.  😉

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2018 Stash-busting progress:  48.73/ 100 skeins

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Sweet as can bee...

I know this was supposed to be the weekend that I would take pictures of all the hats I've recently been working on, but that didn't happen.  They're pretty much finished, but I still have to trim some of them.  The hats are still on schedule to be delivered when they're supposed to be, but this post isn't going to include them.  I've got other things to do.  😉

Today we are celebrating youngest son's 23rd birthday.  All three sons should make it for lunch today and then some games - and I'm just so excited!

I do have another finished project to show, though.  I had crocheted this Sweet As Can Bee Blanket (adult sized) without telling anyone, and didn't want to share about it here because it was meant as a gift:

I recently mailed it off to my sister who is undergoing chemotherapy, and I got word this week that she received it - so I can now post a picture of it. 

The back story on the yarn...  A couple of years ago I ordered a lot of this yarn thinking it was a nice shade of blue.  When I received it, I did think it was pretty, but my was it blue!  I used little bits of it here and there, but somehow I just never felt quite confident about using it in a large project.   So it waited patiently for its purpose to be discovered.

When I looked at it more recently I suddenly realized that it would be a perfect color for a blanket for my sister.  I had seen a picture of her in a similarly colored sweater and she looked stunning, so I imagined she'd look equally good cozied up in a blanket of nearly the same color.  I had also recently come across this blanket pattern, and I thought it was a perfect design.  And...  I was pretty confident I had just enough yarn to finish an adult sized blanket made from the pattern.  But it started to look like a race of Yarn Chicken as I got to the border, so I had to think fast.  By adding that one row of slightly darker blue in the edging, I had just enough.  Success! I thought.  I washed it and mailed it off.  

And you know what?  After she received it, one of the first things she said was that she loved the color.  😊  

The yarn,  Deborah Norville Everyday, is one of my favorites for washability and softness.  It's also non-pilling.  All great characteristics for a yarny blanket, in my opinion.  The colorway here is Cornflower.  The perfect name for the perfect color for a pretty lady with pretty blue eyes.  And the stitch pattern...  it's as sweet as can bee!  

They made it!   Picture added Sunday night - after post was published.

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