Sunday, December 12, 2021

Still breathing...

So...  about a month and a half ago, when I wrote my last post, I was full swing into packing for a move, and now well into December we're snug in our new place, but with still too many unpacked boxes to deal with.

It's been quite a ride - getting our new place ready to move into, all the while finishing packing, taking the move in stages, putting our home of 23 years on the market, and two days ago we closed on the sale of our old place.  

It has been an exhausting whirlwind, and I can't tell you how glad I am that we are only responsible for one house again.   We've been sleeping in the new place for nearly four weeks now, though how that much time has passed already I haven't a clue.  I suppose things like an unplanned doctor visit, some tests a couple of weeks ago (that didn't show any problems, but also didn't explain some annoying things), a son having surgery in November and our helping him out for a few days, and Thanksgiving that, in the end, didn't happen (due to a couple different COVID exposures among the invited), combined with taking care of issues at two houses... I'm sure it's all messed with my sense of time...

And somehow I've gotten a sore knee in the process of moving and I feel like I've aged 10 years, but other than that, it's all gone swimmingly.  😅

I'm looking forward to life eventually resuming some normalcy, eventually getting back to some crafting, and catching up with my blogging buddies.  I know I've missed a lot in the last month or so, but I hope to catch up a bit with what's been going on with my favorite bloggers - even though I probably won't be fully back in the swing of blogging for several more weeks, I'm guessing.

I hope you're enjoying this season and all that it brings.  This Advent, I'm feeling a real sense of joy seeing the signs of Christmas, hearing carols, and ultimately being reminded of Jesus' birth, and the great gift of salvation God offers to all through his Son.  I'm looking forward to our first Christmas in our new home, and even seeing the first winter snow fall on our new yard, though I wouldn't mind if that holds off until January, and I hope it falls when I don't have to go anywhere.  😉

I have nothing of note really to write about in any detail.  And while I've been exceedingly busy and productive, the house is still too disheveled for me to want to share pictures, and I don't know when or if I'll be decorating for Christmas, or even getting back to my crafting.  Unpacking my crafting stuff is pretty low priority at the moment.

I've really only come in here to let my blogging friends know that I am doing well and I haven't abandoned blogging, I'm just taking a hiatus.  I will start popping into blogs here and there, and expect to be back in the swing of blogging again myself before the year is completely over. 

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!