Hello there!

Having retired the moniker of homeschooler, I'm presently searching for a new one.  Though honestly, I think I've reached an age (or stage in life) where defining who I am by something like a job isn't so important anymore.  In this regard, I'm finding that growing older is very liberating.  Labels drop away, age becomes a great equalizer.  One tends to care not so much about what others' think of oneself.  Or maybe I just tend to hang with people for whom these things have never been terribly important.  I'm sure that's true, but age brings liberation in these things, too.

When I began this blog in 2007, I was a homeschooling mom and thought this would be fun outlet, a place to practice writing, and a place to park some interesting (to me, anyway) pictures, as well as links to other blogs and articles I was discovering on the web.

After homeschooling for twenty years and graduating my youngest in 2014, I'm successfully retired from that job and contemplating what's next.  I am a wife of 37+ years, and I'm still a mother, though my role has changed with now-adult children.

For years, in the circles I've run, I've been an administrative type -- leading, organizing, communicating, cutting through the haze to get to the heart of a matter...  I don't claim to be an expert at any of those things, but I gained lots of administrative experience.  In this new season I am enjoying exploring different parts of who I am.  I never got much credit for being creative before so I'm making up for lost time while I still have eyes good enough to see and fingers nimble enough to make things.  :^)  Currently, crochet is at the top of my "creative pursuits" list, but other things will, no doubt, be added to my bag of hand-crafty tricks as I find room in my head and heart, and time in my day for them.  (I added knitting in 2016!  Simple stuff, but still...   I'm knitting!)

While I'm no longer homeschooling or really keeping up my homeschooling blog, if you're so inclined, hop on over to The Homeschool Heartline.  I don't keep an active link in my profile since I don't add to that blog anymore, but there's still some good stuff there so I offer access via a sidebar link on my blog, and on this page.

I was a public speaking and critical thinking teacher for years in the homeschool co-ops we participated in and I have a few resources on The Homeschool Heartline  pertaining to those subjects that may or may not be outdated.  I keep them there, for now, because...I don't know...they humor me, I suppose. 

What I consider possibly valuable to a reader of The Homeschool Heartline are several articles I've written that I've been told are helpful (and I'm just gullible enough to believe), and some pictures to give an itty bitty glimpse into our homeschooling lifestyle. 

Homeschooling is a life I loved and am now happily retired from.  I still identify as a homeschooler, in some respects, but it no longer defines me or gives structure to my days.  As a Christ-follower, I know my ultimate purpose is not about what I do for a living or even, necessarily, about the activities of every-day life.  On the other hand, my purpose is bound up in every breath I take and every task I do.  It's a strange relationship, between life-purpose and daily living.  While I probably won't wax philosophically about it on the pages of my blog very often, there's a whole lot of it going on here behind the scenes.

I read every comment written to me and appreciate them greatly - especially the kind and encouraging ones.  ;^)    


  1. Being a homeschooling mom-that must have been a lovely career. Congratulations!

    1. It's been a life I've loved. Mostly ;^)

  2. I'm a retired homeschool mom too. We have much in common.:-)
    Nice to have found you.

    1. I just discovered your blog, too, Anne. Glad to meet another retired homeschool mom. :^)

  3. Glad you are inspired to update your About Me page. I Google'd, looking for examples, and then created mine. I didn't feel right in having such a polished page. I wanted to keep it real and represent who I am in and how I roll.


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