Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I've joined a Classic Literature reading challenge at Paperback Swap (btw, PBS is a great place to swap old loves for new ones - books, that is) and I thought I'd post my personal Classics challenge here. Just to keep it handy.

I have many to fill in yet and it may change through the year, but here is my personal Classic Literature Reading Challenge for 2010:

  1. Set during a war - A Farewell to Arms - finished 6/4/10
  2. New to you Author
  3. Pre 19th century novel
  4. Classic that is also Historical Fiction
  5. Classic Mystery - The Hound of the Baskervilles - finished 2/11/10
  6. Book on your TBR list or pile - King Lear - finished 3/19/10
  7. Read a Dickens novel
  8. Epic - Beowulf - finished 1/15/10
  9. Lost in Translation (a book translated to English) - The Confession of Saint Patrick
  10. Classic Horror or Scary story (the question is...do I really want to be scared or just meet this challenge?)
  11. Classic Sci Fi - Fahrenheit 451
  12. High School Reading List Revisited (A classic that you had to read - or were supposed to read - in High School/College) - Animal Farm

BTW, if you have any interest in joining PBS, please use the blue, square PBS button (over there in the right hand column) and I can receive credit once you've begun trading. What do I get, you ask? Seriously, I just get credit. That is.... a credit. And that allows me to order a book. It may even be an old, slightly tattered book. I know. It's not much, but is a small thank you from PBS for sharing the word. BTW, don't join for my benefit. Join for yours. It's the most fun way I know to get rid of books and find new ones to read.

I almost forgot to mention. PBS is free to join. The only cost is the cost of postage to mail a book off to someone who orders it from you (usually less than $3.00). That earns you a credit and then you get to use that credit to order a book from someone else. And you get to do this over and over and over again - recycling books and finding new ones to read. It's an ingenious idea, really. And did I already mention...it's fun?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dreaming of Snow - when it's 95 outside


No guts....No glory
No achin' back neither