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The statements below outline how your personal information can be collected.  First of all, thank you for visiting my blog, following my blog,  and for leaving comments on my blog posts....all of which I so much appreciate.  According to the new laws in effect regarding the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), there must be a disclaimer available on this blog.  So here goes.... 

ABOUT THIS BLOG.... "Field Lilies' is an independently operated blog run by me and within it I share my creative work (various crafts, crochet, knitting, embroidery, whatever strikes my fancy) along with the occasional tutorial, recipe and photos of said work.   I also wax philosophical and religious from time to time.   I am the creator and  administrator of this blog.  

This blog is written by me and if I share a link to any other person's work/pictures/articles I attempt to give proper credit to the originator or source of said work.  While I would never intentionally link to anything harmful, it must be said that due to bad actors on the internet I cannot guarantee that links will always and forever go where they originally did, and I am not responsible for the privacy policies of other websites or the applications they use.   I'm not terribly interested in broken links, but definitely appreciate notification if a user of this blog finds a link that goes somewhere other than I intended.

My computer has a running up-to-date anti-virus program in place at all times.  The content on this blog is what I consider to be family friendly.  I screen most comments, and try to read (and often respond) to them all.  Unnecessarily negative, overly divisive, or otherwise unwelcome comments are likely to be deleted.  

HOW INFORMATION IS COLLECTED....  If you leave a comment on the blog your email address may be shared with me (and with me only) in order that I am able to respond to your comments (if I am unable to respond publicly on my blog).  It is possible that Google Analytics collects data, but those circumstances are beyond my control. Please visit THIS link to learn more about Google Analytics. - Your email and name are never sold or shared by me in any way to or with any third parties.  Never.   

BLOG COMMENTS... Anyone within the blogging community knows how much we love comments and feedback.  Please be aware that, should you leave a comment, it will subsequently be visible to anyone who reads the comment section.  Your name and comment will be visible to others and by the very act of leaving a comment you are consenting to the use of your public information for that purpose.  Your email and other pertinent, private information will NOT be visible at any time.  For that reason, please do not share any detailed personal information in your comments.  I do reserve the right to remove comments I deem to be inappropriate, hurtful, or frankly, that I don't care for, at any time.  It is also worth noting that you can remove any comments you have written.   All those who leave a comment are also covered by the Google Privacy Policy (see HERE for further information regarding their policy).  Google is responsible for honoring their own privacy policies.

COOKIES....  Blogger uses cookies to allow you to access websites and blogs without re-entering your user name and password. More information regarding cookies may be found HERE.  You can also disable their usage by searching that term on your browser and following the steps provided.  Please know that the use of cookies does NOT give me access to any personal information about you. 

PARENTAL CONSENT.....   As stated above, this blog is family friendly. That said, by law, if you are under 16 years of age, you must have parental permission before using this blog site. 

FINALLY.... You have the right to know how your personal data is being processed.  Hopefully the policy I have outlined above will adequately explain how your data can be used.   

UPDATED:  October 28, 2019 

Copied (and revised) with permission from Magpies Mumblings.

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