Saturday, November 13, 2010

Operation Happy Birthday!

In October, Ben turned 15 and when contemplating what he wanted to do, he decided he wanted to spend an evening putt-putting and eating pizza with his pals.  He then decided that in lieu of birthday gifts, he'd suggest that his friends bring a donation for an Operation Christmas Child box.  Donations he received!  Between the six fine fellows below, they managed to fill 4 boxes! 

Ben is in orange.  And yes, these guys are as fine and fun as they look!

On that beautiful autumn evening in October the boys enjoyed pizza and putt putt before returning home.  And tomorrow we finally take the filled boxes to church where they will be gathered with many other boxes, prayed over, taken to a collection center where they will then be sent on their way to be received by children possibly on the other side of the world. 

Hope for a Merry Christmas and a little bit of love is enclosed in each box.  

You, too, can touch the heart of a child.  Visit Samaritan's Purse to see how.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lessons learned...

It is said that sports teaches one a lot about life.

And while that can be said about a lot of things, we've certainly learned that that old adage is true.

One learns to be part of a team and to be a team player.


One learns endurance through hard work and that hard work pays off. Okay...not always in tangible ways, but hard work does pay off. If only that you feel better about yourself.

One learns to anticipate the unexpected.

and to maneuver obstacles.

One learns that while it's okay to flinch...

One must never retreat.

One must stay in the game.

Stay focused.

Remembering always that your teammates are counting on you.

Just as you are counting on them.

And that your opponent may be just as strong as (or stronger than) you.

And that he wants to win as badly as you do.

And while winning is great, the ultimate prize is to finish well
and with honor.

And to know in the is, afterall....just a game.