Sunday, October 21, 2018

Just one more...

Just a quick post this week.  As I was putting leftover yarn away from making all the hats and scarves over the last few weeks, I came across this yarn that, while I had purchased it once upon a time for making a hat, ended up being a bear to crochet (nevermind knit) with so I had set it aside.

While I contemplated re-homing it, it occurred to me that it might make a cute scarf.  Needing to work fast, I picked out this Openwork Scarf and I ended up making a mobius scarf with it.

While, overall, the variegation leaves me less than impressed, when twisted up around the neck, it doesn't look bad at all.

I'd certainly wear it, so hopefully someone else will see it hanging amongst the scarf selections and decide she wants to take it home with her.  It fits me, so I suspect it will fit a teen or a larger child.

And now that I've definitely got that large charity project behind me, I've pulled out one of my Spicier Life blankets, and I'm going to see how much I can get done if I just concentrate and employ some good old fashioned discipline.

It's a busy week ahead, but it's also going to be beautiful weather-wise, so maybe I can find some time to sit out in the sun and crochet on it in my spare moments (that thought inspired by Sandra's Beautiful Fall post this past week.  😄 

To see what other YOPers are up to, visit our group on Ravelry.


  1. The mobius is very nice. I would wear it. Someone will truly appreciate it this winter.

    So glad your weather is continuing to be lovely. We have hit another warm spell for the next week. But the mornings are great!

    Thanks for your input on the blanket vs the shawl.

  2. This infinity scarf is perfecto for fall right now. I love the stitch pattern. You are such a terrific hooker.

  3. Becki the mobius scarf turned out great! What an excellent use of yarn and pattern and I'm sure will make someones neck nice and cosy this winter. Looking forward to seeing some more of your Spicier blanket.

  4. I really like the variegated cowl, I'm sure someone will love that very much.

  5. I love that scarf/cowl! The yarn is gorgeous and someone is going to really love getting it and wearing it....mark my words! LOL! You do such beautiful things never look as nice as yours when they're finished. You could crochet with plastic bags and it would turn out lovely, I swear!
    Oh, yes, the Spice of Life blanket....hmmm....that needs to go on my list!
    I think you should just give me a heads up so I have time to get materials and I will just make everything you make. Kind of like that poem....Me and My Shadow (crocheter/knitter). I so look forward to your posts. Have a great week!

  6. that's really pretty! :) Very fun! that blanket looks lovely too!!! God bless you dear friend! <3

  7. Oh my goodness, the Spicier Life blanket, I totally forgot about that one! By the way, I loved your hats. And the mobius scarf seems to be one of those pieces that, while not looking too impressive, just fits in so well with the wardrobe, and is so useful every day, that it becomes a favourite piece after a while.
    I suppose now that I'm home with two broken ribs and a perfect excuse not to do any housework (because of said ribs, and because of the way I ended up breaking them - I was mopping the floor, slipped and fell, and crashed into a chest of drawers), I might tackle my Spicier Life blanket again.

  8. I'd wear that scarf - the colours are really pretty. Glad you came up with a project to use up your yarn (sez I, as I've been eyeing my yarn stash and deciding what I might be able to make next to use up what I have).


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