Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The More of Less...

I'm continuing to crochet along on two Spice of Life Blankets.  The blanket below is the more vibrant one I'm making. At the moment it's feeling like quite a chaotic combination of colors, but I'm holding out hope that when the border goes on, the whole thing pulls together.  We'll see.

I do love how fast this crochets up and how interesting it is to change colors and stitch patterns.

And I'm coming back to a book I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.  The More of Less by Joshua Becker.  I was skeptical that I'd find anything really different in a book on minimalism, but I do think I have found something different in this little book.  So much so that I'm planning on buying my own copy so I can re-read it and more carefully contemplate the profound points he is making.

I knew Becker was onto something I need to pay attention to when I read this:.  Ask yourself, Am I buying too much stuff because deep down I think it will insulate me from the harms of a chancy world?  And if so, what is that costing me?  I don't know if that means a lot without the context of his discussion on what motivates us to accumulate too much stuff, but when I read that I knew he had me. This is exactly what's going on when I buy something I don't really need (or sometimes don't even want) to buy.  It's the 'scarcity' mentality that causes the logical part of my brain to just turn off (or get staticky).  So much more from Joshua Becker here at

Aside from the personal benefit of having a book I don't have to return the library, I feel better about buying a book on minimalism (an action that is completely antithetical to the whole point of paring down) because Becker is using the proceeds of this book to fund The Hope Effect - nonprofit organization created to meet the needs of orphans.  I'm in no way associated with Becker or The Hope Effect.  I will be doing more personal homework, but today I'm just passing along some information I've dug up as I've become intrigued by Becker's message and how he is living out his passions and life purpose as a result of clearing out that which is just distraction.

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  1. Love how the stitches change in the blanket. Keeps it very interesting!!

  2. I love the bright bursts of colors. Hubby and I have been doing a declutter because we KNOW we have more "stuff" than we need. Now we dont puchase anything without thinking of how much we will use it, store it, make life easier or more meaningful. Its been hard but worthwhile.

  3. The blanker looks amazing and what a great book! I've been thinking a lot about this later and I feel like I am drawn to simpler, "cleaner" and uncluttered style of life... Thank you for sharing, I am putting on my to-read list!

  4. Your blanket is gorgeous. I love the changes in the pattern.

  5. I'm glad you explained the theory behind buying a book on minimalism. It struck me as ironic until I understood why you did it. My first choice is always to borrow a library book, though I sometimes buy books if I really want to keep them.

  6. The blanket is looking beautiful. I did buy a copy of this book. There is something in it's message that resonates with me. I knew it would be one I will read again. In fact I need to look at it again this week. I've been helping my almost seventeen year old daughter clean our her room. She is a pack rat! I wish I could convince her to read it.


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