Sunday, February 5, 2017

Friendly Flying Tams...

My crocheting was inspired by "friendship" this week.  :)  

We knew we would be visiting with friends on Friday night and enjoying pizza and a movie with them.  While I don't want to be presumptuous (especially if they're reading this ;^), but pizza and a movie seems to have become something of an irregular, every once in a while, whenever someone is inspired, sort of thing for us and this family.  And we love it!   

The kids are young and remind us of when our boys were little, but that's not why we enjoy them so much.  We enjoy them because, well...  they just emanate love and acceptance of us.  Such a simple thing, but yet it feels absolutely huge in this busy, often disconnected world we live in.  We consider their friendship a real gift and we are so very thankful for friends like these that span the years and the many seasons of life.  

With permission from their mother, I share the children's four sweet faces.  

In case you're wondering what they're all wearing on their heads, well...  I'm getting to it.

Looking forward to the visit, I got the idea that it would be fun to crochet something for each of the kids.  As I was looking online for ideas, I remembered this flying disc I had made last summer (during the Ravellenics):

And thought that it fit the bill perfectly.  

So I got to hooking, and by Thursday night I had three more:

This pattern is a good first color-work project (for someone who's adept at pattern reading) and the end result is a fun flying disc that anyone of any age would enjoy playing with.   Or those with smaller heads, wearing like a tam hat.  :)

I've made these in the past out of cotton (the first time I made them they went into some Samaritan's Purse Christmas Child boxes), but I've decided I actually prefer them made out of acrylic yarn.  Made of acrylic, they're very lightweight (which makes them safer to fly indoors), but they hold their shape well because the single crochet makes a dense fabric.  They're also machine washable so I have little concern about the colors bleeding, or little worry about a change in shape or size with a wash.  I found them kind of fun to make and have a feeling I'll be seeing more of these in my crochet future.  :)

And hopefully, we'll be seeing more of these in our future, too:

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  1. What cutie pies! You are lucky to have them for friends...they remind me of mine...3 boys and 1 girl!I too usually have pizza and a movie on Friday nights but just with "my girls" but they are good company too. We have few children here as it is a 'retirement area'...booooo! This was my parents house and I had not meant to stay down here but here I am! I love children and miss them not even being in the neighborhood. So glad you have such a wonderful family near you. Enjoy!
    I love the crocheted discs! They're beautiful designs and you do such beautiful crochet work. I always look forward to what you are up to! Have a great week!

  2. What a happy time. The children look as though they are enjoying themselves and the discs are such fun.

  3. What a great family to have around. These children look so full of fun, and enjoying those hats/discs. I am another one who has got 3 boys and 1 girl. It's great for the girl to have 3 brothers to help her out when needed, all she has to do is 'holler' and they all jump in with assistance.
    Your hats/discs are so neat. Thanks for the link, it may come in useful here for gift giving.

  4. What a cool idea - gives me something to make for my great-nieces and nephews for next Christmas. Those happy four make me happy just looking at their gorgeous smiles.

  5. Love this idea - such a colorful project and look at these happy faces!!