Monday, June 23, 2008

Last night Greg called his uncle Art who's dear, sweet wife is dying. Aunt Gloria. Isn't that a precious name? It's a fitting name for a precious lady.

Marrying into the family, I've come to know this wonderful couple through their visits to the midwest from the west coast. Each time they've visited, I've not only heard great recollections of bringing up four rambunctious boys, but there is always something current to relish as well. Art and Gloria have a way of making life BIG as they share themselves with you and simply celebrate life. They are two of the most alive people I know. Even in Aunt Gloria's last days she is more alive in my mind than I sometimes think I will ever be.

Uncle Art gave a glimpse into what was going on in their home on Sunday evening. Art and Gloria's four sons have gathered from near and far and are with their mom and dad. Uncle Art said they are having a holy time together, praying, singing and simply being with Gloria. I can picture this family of happy, boisterous (and big) men gently loving their wife and mother as she rests in the peace of that kind of love and the faith that she will soon be seeing Jesus.

Our thoughts are with our uncle and cousins and others of Art's and Gloria's loved ones, as we pray for their heavy hearts and with Gloria as we pray for her physical and emotional comfort in her last days or hours here on this earth -- only the Lord knows how long she'll be.

Losing a loved one who knows Jesus as Savior is a heartache - to be sure, but it is not a bitter one. This family has been given a gift and they are cherishing it. They have been given precious last moments with their dear wife and mother who'll soon be waiting to embrace them in eternity.

Far away from that holy gathering I am contemplating the gift that I have been given too. My gift is that my life has been touched by this wonderful, sweet, funny and loving lady.

We love you, Aunt Gloria.

Gloria and Marcene (2007)
Gloria regales us with her hilarious story of a recent shopping escapade.


  1. I'm sorry for your impending loss. She sounds like a wonderful woman.

  2. Thank you, Becki, for your wonderful and comforting words and your prayers. Kent and his brothers are holding up fairly well...lots of prayer and Scripture meditation, many friends stopping by to offer support, and of course, each brother holding up the others and his dad when needed. A death in Christ, though a heartache, is a triumph...


  3. What a nice loving tribute to a lovely lady. I love the name Gloria. When I made porcelain dolls back in the 80s, I named the first one I made Gloria. How wonderful to know that this life is not the end, but we can look forward to eternal life - there is no comparison.
    Hugs & Blessings


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