Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Yarn Along... How would you fringe it?

I started a new scarf.  Surprise, surprise.  But I finally think this is the last one.  

For a while.  

Well, that is until the next pretty yarn or yarn combination catches my eye and causes me to wonder what it would look like crocheted in this very cool linen stitch.

This is another made with Loops & Threads Woolike yarn.  The colors are Chocolate, Denim, Ice Blue, and Beige:

Loops & Threads Woolike is classified as a superfine yarn.  It is very soft and, double-stranded I find it makes a nice cushy, but not bulky, scarf.  

I still need to work the fringe and I'm torn over whether to braid it, or leave it loose.   A friend suggested making short braids (like a couple inches, maybe?) to see if I liked that, but if I don't then I've got a scarf I've spent a lot of hours on that I don't like.  Please weigh in your preference. 


Or loose fringe?

And before someone suggests weaving in all those ends, let me just say....No.   One of the joys in using this yarn (double-stranded) is the self fringing that I get.  ;^)


As a progress report on last week's scarf, I have to report I have made none.  But I did find a petty basket to store it in:

Here is a link to the Ravelry page where you can find the pattern for this scarf.  While this scarf takes some time (I'm thinking there might be close to 10 hours in each scarf), it is a very easy crochet stitch and can be worked up in a variety of yarns and combination of yarns for a unique look every time.  

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  1. I would choose braided. The only scarf I ever made with the loose type of fringe was ruined when I washed it. The fringe knotted up and had to be removed. Luckily it was the type of fringe that was tied on after finished the scarf, so it was easy to remove. I also think the braided fringe looks a bit more special and will be more of a talking point.

    1. Thank you, Una. That is very helpful. In fact, you make me think that I should wash one of these before gifting them as gifts. While I am very impressed with how these look and feel now, I do want to know they will hold up well in the wash. Easy care, after all, is the whole reason I chose to do these in acrylic yarn.

  2. I just read that you are a fellow homeschooler - well, you did homeschool but I think it must stay in the blood? I have two blogs too and sometimes it’s a challenge to keep it all separate but I like it that way as not everyone will want to see my art that home schools! :)

    I love your scarves!!! I crochet as well as knit so thank you for showing the Ravelry link. The yarn you are using for that last scarf is gorgeous!! You can never have too many scarves, right? :)

    1. Yes, I still have homeschooling "in my blood", but I can honestly say....after 20 years I was very happy to retire. And with great satisfaction, too. ;^)

  3. well, I think the loose is really pretty but do what suits you! it's fun to do different stitches and colour combinations!

  4. Your scarves have turned out lovely. Love the
    colours you have used and they look so yummy and
    Cheers, Anita.