Thursday, May 22, 2008


We often enjoy the silly antics of birds, squirrels and chipmunks at our birdfeeders, but this morning my youngest son was completely distracted from his reading by a goldfinch tap-tapping on the living room window.
This has happened off and on for several days, but today the tapping was almost incessant. This evening I finally got the camera out and snapped some pictures (the finch appears to blend into the green leaves in these pictures, but they are actually very vivid yellow -- at least the fellas are):

Here is a goldfinch perched on the feeder.

Here is the little guy flapping and pecking at the window. We can only figure he is seeing a reflection of blue sky and leaves and then himself when he gets right up to the window.

Then he would go back and perch on the wrought iron hook that the birdfeeders hang from.

And a few seconds later, back again he'd come (at the top of the window this time). This went on for over half an hour during one spell. What a determined little guy.

We look forward to seeing if he persists tomorrow.

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  1. Great pictures! He is definitely a determined fellow!


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