Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It's not even BEGINNING to look like Christmas...

Not with temps finally dipping into the 50's after nearly a week of temperatures in the mid-high 60's, right here in the middle of December, in the middle of Indiana; and waking to fog so thick that when it finally burns off, the wet sidewalks look like it's been raining...  Or going to sleep to a thunderstorm - like happened last week, and waking to actual rain - like this morning.  Add to that trees starting to bud and birds singing like it's spring, and well, as lovely as all that is... it makes it a little hard to believe Christmas is next week.  But believe I must!  The calendar tells me so. 

So to help get me into the holiday spirit I crocheted a little Christmas doily.

It's made from the simple Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket pattern, only seriously shortened. I stopped after row 9 and finished with a row a sc's (making 3 sc's into the space in each point) then polishing it off with a row of slip stitches.   It's kind of sweet and the colors very traditional.   It seems perfect for accompanying a bowl of silver and red Christmas balls.

And I'm re-reading Christmas Jars by Jason Wright.  I remember loving this short story several years ago when I read it for the first time, but as I turn the first pages I'm realizing I've forgotten a great deal of it - which is a nice surprise.  With my simple Christmas decorating finished, gift lists being checked, I'm thinking this little book will surely put me in the spirit for Christmas finally.

Is it feeling like Christmas where you live?  If you celebrate Christmas or another winter holiday, what are you doing to prepare?


  1. It is decidedly NOT feeling like Christmas here. We moved here to Might-As-Well-Be-Canada in 2012 and this is the first year we have been disappointed with the snowfall. Everything is gray. But it's pretty cheerful inside thanks to things like Christmas doilies and twinkle lights!

    I finally gave up on school for this week and we're just throwing ourselves into cleaning and reading and making things smell good. The boys and I are reading Ben Hur of all things plus our delicious Christmas stack with A Christmas Carole, Lion in the Box, and a bunch of others.

  2. We've had an awful lot of rain and slush but almost no flurries here in western Wisconsin. Its so muddy and depressing, and my lawn is still green.

    I heard that there was El Nino in the Pacific this year and that is supposedly why the winter is going to be so mild. I never checked to verify that information though!

    Gorgeous doily! I've done a whole lot of baking, shopping, and my gifts are pretty much wrapped but decorating? Haven't even started yet!

  3. thanks so much for your comment on my blog today, that meant a lot. I hope you have a wonderful day today! what a cute Christmas doily! blessings to you! Elizabeth

  4. Oh I like that doily. It's been so grey and gloomy here I need all the cheer I can get. I am almost ready; there is some sewing I want to do for the kids and remake
    ( again!) A crocheted hat for my daughter. No real baking yet, but the kids need something to do next week when they're off school. We have to deliver some gifts to some local seniors in a long term care facility but that will be fun.
    Have a great Christmas!

  5. What a pretty project! I'm bookmarking this for later. :)

  6. What a smart modification, Becki! I still can't believe that it is the holiday season again, it seemed like we had our last Christmas party a couple of weeks ago :)

  7. Oh, your Christmas doily is darling!


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