Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Pink Tides

Ginny's weekly Yarn Along causes me to pause and take stock of what I'm reading and crocheting.  I've been a completely monogamous crocheter for over a week now and for my efforts I hope to soon be finished with my Pink Baby Tides of Change.  I don't know, yet, who will be the recipient, but I do hope it brings a cheery smile to someone's face.

And I recently began reading Below Stairs by Margaret Powell.  The original publication date of this book is 1968 and it claims (on the cover) to be the inspiration for both Upstairs, Downstairs, and Downton Abbey.  This memoir tells the story of a young woman raised during and after The Great War in poverty stricken Europe.  She takes us inside the home and street life of the poor and then into the life of a kitchen maid serving the upper class in Hove, England.  It's very readable, and while this type of life is foreign to my late-twentieth-century-bred sensibilities, her style of story telling makes her story very relatable.


  1. Oh my goodness, I love the blanket. It’s so cute! I tend to switch up between crochet and knitting and have wanted to do a blanket so this one may be it. :) Your book sounds very interesting. An eye opener to a time we can only imagine.

    1. Thank you! If you're on Ravelry, check out my project notes (link provided by clicking on the title of the pattern in the post above). While it's really simple pattern, there are some helps there in case you struggle with anything (like I did) early on.

  2. It is beautiful! Hope you enjoy your reading and crocheting!


  3. What a sweet blanket!! It will be loved no matter who receives it.

  4. Love the progress on your blanket! It looks like a very addicting project!

  5. What a beautiful blanket. I love the pinks and I'm sure it will be loved by whoever receives it.

  6. I've had that book on my reading list for quite a while. I keep putting it off, I've never seen Upstairs, Downstairs and only a couple of seasons of Downton, sounds like I may like it in spite of not being a fan of the shows. Thanks for the recommendation.


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