Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Yarn Along...

Just a few days into this Kilim Throw and nearly half finished - aahh...the joys of crocheting with a big hook and double-stranded yarn.   Every color change seems a bit baffling to me as I begin, but as it comes together it's always a pleasant surprise to see how the colors play off (and with) one another.  It's such a fun blanket to watch grow.  And it's going to be so squishy soft and cozy warm when it's finished.

And I'm currently reading Over The Hills by David Lamb.  I'm far enough in I decided to write this review:

At the age of 54, David Lamb takes the reader on a journey across America as he traverses highways and back roads from his home in Alexandria, Virginia to Los Angeles, California.

Overweight and out of shape, he questions the wisdom of this trek - but not until he's on the road and committed. Early on, pride keeps him from turning back, but at some point his body begins to respond to the slow on-the-road training that biking 50-some miles a day provides and he renews his purpose and resolve. Along for the ride, the reader is treated to Lamb's funny, sometimes satirical - sometimes just crusty perspectives on life.  Lamb skillfully intersperses short history lessons or facts about the many places he visits, or sometimes just about the things that pop into his head along the way to make for an interesting read.

Where Peter Jenkins, of Walk Across America fame, took us into the homes of strangers and delighted us with stories and insights into how these encounters changed Jenkins' life, David Lamb's journalistic style treats us to more of a commentator's observations on life and culture in the 1990's. While Lamb isn't a storyteller in the same vein as Jenkins, he is a journalist with a wit and a way with words that readers of this type of book will likely enjoy.

And just for fun, let me show you what gets a smile out of me every time I remove the dust jacket to read:

The cutest little embossed picture of an old fashioned bicycle.    Sometimes it really is the little details that count.  :^)

To see what some others are reading and making this week, visit Ginny Sheller's Yarn Along.


  1. I love working with a large hook and big chunky yarn! Enjoy!


  2. Your blanket is so squishy and colorful -- I love it! Your description of the book reminds me of a bit of "A Walk in the Woods" by Bill Bryson. You might want to check it out! :)

  3. how nice! the book sounds delightful and I love that blanket! such nice colours and a relaxing pattern!

  4. Oh, the book sounds great! And I agree about the bicycle - how cute is that?! Your blanket looks so squishy and textured. Amazing colors to work with!

  5. What GREAT colors in that blanket! I've seen several different styles of blankets using 2 contrasting strands and a large hook, alternating additional 2 strands. They make for fun, warm blankets!

  6. Nice review, I'll have to check it out! The blanket looks great!


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