Saturday, June 25, 2016

The madness has come to an end...

Since Sunday's YOP post is supposed to be a wrap up for the entire YOP year, I decided to create a separate post for the wrap up of my Mandala Madness.  I thought it would be fun to post all the pictures together just to see the transitions in one spot.

So here we go:  

The blanket measures 63 inches across.  

There are points (in the above pictures) where I like it better than the final project (I especially the like the purple rounds and bright pink and bright green rounds), but this thing really needs to end.  I can always add to it later if I decide to (I think there are 18 parts total and I finished 12).

It was a fun mystery CAL.  Something I'd never done before. And I'm glad to be finished, to wash it and put it up to wait for the right person to give it to.  Maybe I'll have a grand daughter some day who'll enjoy snuggling up under it, thinking Grandma  was one crazy lady for making such a thing.


  1. wow! that is impressive!!! a lot of work and detail! it's so layered!!! you did well! :)

  2. The photos really help tell the story, especially the last three in the garden. For a long time I thought you were making a doily! 63 inches is a mammoth task.

    1. lol. I know not having any scale in the pictures people were confused - especially as I explained that this was going to be a blanket. I never thought I'd make it as large as I did (and to think the pattern, when done completely, will be much larger). Broken down into 12 parts (over 12 weeks) it wasn't so mammoth a task, but still... I was ready to be done.

  3. Wow that is pretty. I imagine it got heavy and awkward to work around as it got larger and larger so kudos for completing it.

  4. Wow!!!!!! Absolutely stunning!!!!!! Whoever does end up with it is incredibly lucky!!!