Sunday, June 12, 2016

Two blankets, one finish...

It needs no introduction, so I present Part 11 of my Mandala Madness:

And, just for Marsha...   Here I am (not exactly) hanging out the window snapping the picture above:

I remember my overriding thought at this moment was, "I must not drop the camera."

It didn't occur to me until I went to open the window and remove the screen that because the window moves over to the middle as it opens, there is no way I could actually "hang out" of it.  But still...  I couldn't help but think, the things we do for our fellow Yoppers.   But it's great, as I discovered a way to take pictures of really large, round blankets. :)   As long as the weather allows, anyway.


And this weekend I finished the Spring into Summer baby blanket:

Made with Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable yarn in the colorway, Candied.  This is a self-striping yarn and the idea behind using it in a pattern like this is that there should be very few ends to weave in. Unfortunately, I found a particular color run to be pretty seriously unattractive (so muted and almost a non-color that it looked dirty), so I did a fair amount of snipping out those sections of yarn. And once in a while I'd end up with three rows, one after the other, where one color dominated.  I couldn't have that, so I'd cut and restart in a different place in the skein in those places.  While I suppose I had fewer ends to sew in than if every single row was started with a new skein/color of yarn, it was a bit mind boggling to see all the ends I did have to sew in.

It turned out very pretty though.  And it's oh so soft  - perfect for a baby.  While it was more work than a self-striping yarn should be to work with, I'm really happy with the finished project.

Check out what other Yoppers are up to by visiting this week's thread on Ravelry.


  1. Oh're a gem. I laughed when I saw you actually doing the window shoot. Great idea and the photo turned out fantastic too. Speaking of photos......are you completed with the mandala or going to do round 12 yet? It is quite stunning. The baby blanket is so so pretty too. Can't wait to see your list for next year.

    1. I'm definitely doing Round 12, but after that we'll see. I need to be happy with it (i.e. I need to feel like that giant pink and white round is suitably visually reduced. It may take more than just another round of blues and green to satisfy me). Seeing ahead I already know if Round 12 isn't enough I'm going to have to go to at least Round 14, 'cuz Round 13 won't be a good ending place. Sigh. I fear I may end up doing the whole thing! I think there are 18 rounds in total. But where on earth will I keep this if I do that? I didn't start this with the idea that I would actually use or display it. From the beginning my intention is this will be a small child's blanket. Now it's becoming a larger child's blanket. I would have chosen much different colors if I thought I was making this for MY use. OY!

  2. Both blankets are stunning - love the mandala and you in the window!

  3. The extra work you did for the baby blanket was so worth it. It is perfect. The mandala is as pretty as ever. That's a great picture of you at the window. Glad you didn't have to hang outside to get the perfect shot.

  4. Look at you hanging out the window. "Don't drop the camera" is EXACTLY what I'd be thinking. Often when I am doing something a bit dangerous my overriding thought is "Don't fall and break your teeth!" I expect it's because my braces were so expensive. And when I am carrying fragile things my husband often shouts "TWO HANDS!", LOL!

    The Mandala looks great.

    The baby blanket also looks wonderful! I love the colours! I knit a sweater for a friend from Noro once. The colours looked so nice in the balls, but so many of the transitions were variations on "refried beans colour" - ugh! I did exactly what you did, and cut them out. It was only last year that I threw away all those tiny little balls of muddy colour yarn. What was I ever going to do with them??

    1. lol - refried beans! The ugly color in my colorway was dubbed "drug through the mud" Too bad these self-striping yarns have so much waste in at least one non-color in the mix. I wonder if it's inherent in the dyeing processing?

  5. Both are beautiful. I have taken you up on your kind offer and queued the c2c blanket on Ravelry. It looks just within my capabilities. The mandala is well outside what I could ever achieve. I think it is amazing.


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