Sunday, December 4, 2016

A week of starts...

It's been a week of starts.   Early in the week I decided to try making a Lagniappe Shawl and this is just a peeky peek at the beginnings of that:

And then I was inspired, for some reason, to knit a Slip Stitch Striped dishcloth:

Still working on my tension...   :^/   I decided to make another one in red and be all set for Christmas. And hopefully improve my tension issues.

And then late in the week I remembered that I was to host a CAL today in the Our Happy CAL Place on Ravelry.  Fortunately, this week's theme is Quick & Easy.  I thought about several different projects, but when this Christmas Holly Embellishment crossed my computer screen, I decided it fit the bill:

I'm  little embarrassed showing such  a large close-up of this project as the leaves are all wrong. See... when I pieced this together, I didn't realize I had the leaves upside down 'till I finished and compared mine to the original.  In the original, the "vein" running down the center of the leaves is prominent, but it's totally lost in my leaves above.  Ah well...  it was super quick and super easy.  And if you don't look too close, it's kind cute and perfectly acceptable for tying onto a gift package on Christmas day.


And then yesterday I got the great idea to crochet some more  Linen Stitch Scarves for Christmas gifts. I'm hoping to make three (in different colors), with the first one I started being black and gray with an accent of red:

So that's this past week in crochet!  To see what other Yoppers are up to visit our group on Ravelry.


  1. I really like that little shot of dark blue in the shawl. It really pops nicely against the grey!
    And your little ornament is super cute. If you hadn't admitted your mistake I'd never have known.

    Linen stitch scarves are such wonderful accessories!

  2. I wouldn't have noticed anything wrong with the leaves until you pointed it out (and then still, not
    Loving that pop of blue on you shawl. Very elegant looking.

  3. Loving that Holly leaf. Your tension is getting so much better in your knitting. I like everything I see here and it makes me want to start lots of projects too.

  4. I love the holly, it's not wrong, it just doesn't look like the original.

  5. The shawl looks very interesting and the holly looks good to me. I can imagine it attached to the corner of the dishcloths and given as a gift. Linen stitch is on my list of "To dos".

  6. Love, love, love the shawl (thanks for the linky). Holly leaves hang upside-down too, so no worries there, a great accessory, could also be used as a brooch (pin). Linen stitch scarfs are quick and easy to make, and look so good.


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