Sunday, December 25, 2016

Celebrating Christmas...

Popping in on Christmas evening to report a very happy holiday weekend celebrating Christmas. Two wonderful services at church this weekend, and then family celebrations -  Christmas Eve with just our boys, and Christmas Day with some of our extended family.

I was able to finish all of the linen-stitch scarves I planned to make as Christmas gifts, and all I can say is I'm really glad I got some still shots of just the scarves (before I wrapped them):

Because... this is what I got when I tried to take a picture of the scarves being modeled:

"Seriously, guys...  Can I not get a good picture of you modeling your new scarves?"

Apparently, not.

Though they did humor me (I guess) for just a minute when I asked for a serious pose:

I'm happy to report that the scarves were a hit.  While these three can be real goobs at times, they are also pretty terrific sons.  :)

Wishes for happiness to you and yours during this Christmas season.  

Merry Christmas!  

And peace to all. 


  1. Your models will never make to the runway lol. I think the scarves are great and will be worn with pride. Merry Christmas, Becki

  2. Nope, not likely to get those three sorted into the perfect photo as far as I can see - too much fun to be had goofing around! But the scarves are really nice and suit the boys. Well done!

  3. What a fun time your boys had together with your scarves. Definitely a proud mama moment. There are always good times to be had when siblings get together.
    Love the scarves by the way, great colour combos.

  4. I love the montage of your boys. Too funny.

  5. Excellent and perfect models! So glad you had a great Christmas.

  6. What handsome sons you have and truth be boys would have done the same thing! LOL! Glad you were better by the time the holidays arrived and your scarves turned out great! Not a bad one in the bunch! I'm thinking you just can't go wrong with any color combos although I probably are really good at the color part and the crocheting too! LOL! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  7. Ha ha great photo's :) And the scarves have knitted up very well, great finishes xx Have a fantastic New Year!

  8. I'm still loving those linen stitch scarves. I wish mine would work themselves up as fast as yours!
    So nice you got all your boys at Christmas: that's a real gift.


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