Thursday, June 14, 2018

Out for a walk...

After a bout of vertigo last week, heat, and then heavy rains this week, it felt good to be out on the greenway trail again.  Now that school's out I can easily access the trail from my neighborhood.  The entrance closest to my home is accessed via a school property and somehow walking through the school yard doesn't seem the thing to do during the school year.
It seems towns everywhere now have a refurbished one-room school house.  Ours is on the school property at the end of my street.

Cool, not-too-humid mornings are few and far between now so I'm glad I felt up to a walk today.  It was great walking weather.  And anytime I can get in over 6,000 steps  before lunch makes for great progress toward my personal training.  What am I training for?  The rest of my life, of course!
Every walk begins with a good stretch.  And there's always a stretch somewhere in the middle of the walk and toward the end, too.  I am so thankful for benches that dot the greenway trail in our town.  And I really love it when one happens to be in the shade.  😉

Along the way I noticed these beautiful lilies in a small butterfly garden just steps off the trail.

On my way back home, I encountered this red-winged black bird who kept chasing me, diving at me, and when sitting in the tree screeched loudly at me.   This has never happened to me before, and at the time I thought he was just being friendly, but when I got home I found some entertaining videos that explained their territorial behavior.
I'm onto you now, Mr. Blackbird.

Oops...  Looks like I won't be going this way for a while.  The town is building a new roundabout:
I wonder how they will work the greenway trail around the roundabout?  It may be a few months before I find out...

So back home it was... an hour after I began with just over 7,000 steps on my pedometer. Making progress!


  1. Fun to see the school house - I actually went to a one-room school house for grades 1-8. One teacher to deal with all those grade levels - unheard of now.

    1. I'm surprised at how many people near my age (59) who have had a one-room school house education - in rural and sometimes remote locations I'm sure.

  2. You did super awesome on this walk. I like how you're all geared up. I'm glad the bird didn't hurt you.


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