Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Yarning Along With The Starling Bag...

Seriously in need of something simple, but gratifying, I went looking for such a project.  And I found it in The Starling Bag.  The instructions are super clear and the designer has even provided pictured tutorials for any tricky parts (though seriously...her instructions are so clear, the tutorials are hardly needed).  Don't let Future Girl's request for your e-mail turn you away.  She has some seriously good resources there.

I decided to make the base of mine larger than the pattern directs and I'm double-stranding the worsted weight yarn, so this ought to be a sturdy (and large) bag.   I'm living on the wild side and figuring out what sort of pattern of stripes I'm doing as I go.  Whoo hoo!  Gotta cut loose once in a while.

Yes, those are single crochets.  The very thing my aching fingers were screaming over a few days ago. Somehow this isn't so bad, though.  Maybe when the bag gets larger I'll start crying again, but for now I'm managing. 

There are so many nice versions of this bag on Ravelry.  Here's hoping I like mine enough to line it when it's finished.   I have high hopes it will make a nice project bag.


And last night I started reading A Month of Summer by Lisa Wingate.  

It's an interesting story told from the point of view of two women  - Rebecca, a 40-something year-old who is called upon to help her father, whose health is failing; and Hanna Beth, the woman who took Rebecca's father away when she was a child, leaving Rebecca and her mother to struggle on alone.  I have a feeling as the story unfolds, life will not be as it seems from Rebecca's scarred memories. 

And after weeks and weeks of rain, it's a beautiful day in central Indiana.  Eighty degrees and low humidity - a rare combination for Hoosier summers.  It is glorious.

Two happy little flowers on my Fuchsia plant.  
I love how they look like two ladies dancing.  

Check out what others are knitting and crocheting at Ginny's Yarn Along.


  1. What great colors for that bag! I've made a few bags now, but haven't figured out how to line them. 15 years ago I lived in Indianapolis and outside of Greenwood!

    1. Wow, Jessy. We were practically neighbors for a couple of years. We moved to the south-of-Indy area 17 summers ago.

      I'm thinking lining the bag won't be too difficult, but I have to like enough to go to the trouble. lol

  2. Very cool tote bag pattern makes me wish I could crochet. I took a learn to knit community ed class years ago and we made a bag that we felted and I am still using it today some 7 years later. I hope you get as much use out of yours when you finish. :)

    1. Thanks, Ann. I have plans to make a felted bag if this one turns out well. I bought a bunch of Fisherman's Wool when Michaels was clearancing it out. I have a front end loader washing machine, though, so I'm not sure how successful felting will be. But I'm going to try - maybe on something smaller, at first. :^)

  3. Thanks for stopping by
    Love the colours for your bag, can't wait to see how it looks
    Great cover on the book
    Adore fushias

  4. I would definitely buy that book just for the cover!!! Pretty! :) (Love you 'ladies dancing')

    1. I'm nearly done and I'd highly recommend it.

  5. ooh love the bag. It looks as though it will be really useful. I can crochet, but not follow patterns. I must take a bit of time to do so. The book sounds interesting and I love your dancing ladies. It's nice to take time to look at things with a fresh perspective.
    I hope that you have lots more days in your garden.

    1. My flower garden mostly consists of a few potted plants. This summer it has rained so much I've only gone out to weed the flower beds once! When it's not raining it's been so muggy and mosquito-y! Even though it was a lovely temperature a few days last week, I could not stay outside in my yard very long due to bug bites. This summer will be dubbed The Long Rain. ;^)


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