Friday, July 3, 2015

A simple mandala...

My first mandala - made in honor of Marinke (Wink) whose lovely and colorful crochet designs have made many smile.   This will not be my last, I am sure.

While I have only gotten to know Wink after hearing of her death, I can say the world is a less colorful place for having lost this young lady.


  1. I think my original comment got gobbled by the blogger bug.

    Beautiful work! Wink would have been honoured and very proud of you.

  2. Sorry the Blogger Gobbler got your first comment, Nin. I was so sad to read about Wink's death - I did want to honor the memory of one who has made the world a more colorful place. Watching her video of how to pronounce Sheepjes just made me smile - even if I still couldn't do it. ;^)

  3. Beautiful Mandala - still reeling about poor Wink. xx


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