Sunday, July 5, 2015

Year Of Projects 2015-2016

I'm eager to be joining in a Ravelry Group of bloggers called Year of Projects. The concept is simple.   Each blogger creates a list (however s/he wants to fashion it) and for a year (July through June) posts about the progress made on this list.  Ideally, posts will be made weekly, but I'll start modest and make it my goal to post at least twice a month.

The first part of my list is about process.  I want to get freer with the idea of simply practicing and sampling different techniques and tools, and stretching who I am and what I know - as a fiber crafter. It will be nice if practicing and sampling produces some end products, but for the purpose of the first half of the list learning is the project, per se. So I begin with listing techniques or skills I want to practice, as well as some personal challenges. Then my project list is more like an idea mill where I can plug in things that grab my attention (or as I start or finish them) during the year.

Here we go:

Tunisian crochet - just try it
Knitting - it's been years!
Soft sculpture/Amigurumi
Use a crochet or knitting tool I've never used before
Try to learn how to read a charted crochet pattern
Make stitch markers
Challenge myself regarding photos of finished objects.
    Learn how to better use my camera
    Participate once a month in Ravelry: Project Photography group

Personal challenges:
Read 3 books on fiber or textile arts
Explore joining a local group of fiber artists
Get to know a charity/ministry through which I'd like to benefit others with my crochet or
Create a crafting space that is inviting and that works well for me
     (both for working in and storage).


In the spirit of creating actual projects my idea list includes:

- Item(s) for the home
      both practical:
      and purely aesthetic:

- A blanket inspired by Lucy at Attic24

- Something wearable (other than a rectangular scarf)

- Something vintage

- Something completely whimsical

- Something one of the guys in my family would wear/use

- Something(s) for charity ministry

- A "SURPRISE!" gift for someone

- Something amigurumi

- Something that qualifies as a container

- Swatch  (do it, explore it, learn to appreciate it.  I don't know.  Just stop ignoring it)

- Write a simple pattern and make it available here and on Ravelry

- Get back to embroidery (this is wide open)

- Sew a top  (it's been years)

- Sew a skirt (even more years)

- Host a CAL project on a Ravelry group. 


Okay...that's good for starters.  I'm sure this will evolve over time, but I think I'll work best with a list that's open ended and idea-generating and, most importantly...flexible... as I progress through the year.

If this sounds interesting to you (to either join in with your own Year of Projects, or just see what others are doing), check out the Year of Project group on Ravelry.

Note:  You will need to be a member of Ravelry to fully access the links in this post.  Consider joining if you're not a member.  The resources there are astounding.  And membership is free and easy.

I'll end this post with a picture of my newest WIP.  It will be a couch pillow (the chevrons will run vertically on narrow pillow, as opposed to horizontally on a more squared off pillow.  The pattern is easy, so I expect this project will be finished pretty quickly!


  1. Your pillow looks great. Love the colors you chose!

  2. Welcome to our group! I sure look forward to getting to know you as you blog and document your fiber journey this year. Your plan looks great and workable and changeable. :)

    1. Thank you, Kim. Fiber journey - I love that! I look forward to gleaning a lot from all the other knitters and crocheters in the YOP Year 5 group as they also document their fiber journey. Just looking at everyone's YOP lists is inspiring.

  3. I like your additional goals for the year. Also looking at the chevron pillow cover actually makes me want to learn how to crochet.

    1. Looking at other YOP lists I find myself wanting to learn how to knit! This is good, though, as knitting is on my list of things I want to challenge myself to try.

  4. Those are some awesome goals you have... I like how you lay it all out...
    Following your progress this year is going to be a lot of fun!

  5. Welcome to the group. I love how you have laid your list out. Your chevron pillow is very cool. Looking forward to following your progress this year.

  6. Welcome, and what a wonderful pillow! I love your more free list and the idea of adding to your skills as you go. I am looking forward to seeing your progress this year.

    1. Thanks, Lucy. I know what works for me and I think this will prove to be more inspiring for me than a list of actual projects will be. We'll see! What sold me on doing this YOP project was reading how we could each shape our lists however we wanted. I love that kind of freedom! That said, I absolutely love reading through others' project lists and dreaming of maybe making similar things. :^)

  7. Welcome to the group! What a great looking list, it looks like your going to gain a lot this coming year and we will all enjoy travelling that road with you. The chevron pillow looks great, I love the blend of colours and the pop of that cranberry colour lifts it so well.

    1. Thank you, Ruth. I'm loving this pillow, too. It was a little scary putting that burgundy and teal together, but I like how it's turning out. I knew they should work, but somehow I had to push myself to give it a go.

  8. Great colors in that pillow! I love the way you've made your list open ended. I can't wait to see where it takes you this year.

    1. Thanks, Jen. I'm excited to see how it all unfolds.

  9. Welcome! i so love your method of organizing your YOP's for the year. I have usually included skills but you've taken it farther with books and organizations and the photo group sounds great! I may be following in your footsteps. Your pillow cover is stunning! I can't wait to see it when it is finished!


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