Sunday, November 4, 2018

I thought I could...

About mid-week, I was all excited because once I got started on the border, I was sure I was going to be able to complete this Spicier Life blanket by week's end.

And then, well...  instead of crocheting I decided to take advantage of the good weather to do things like start cleaning windows, get rid of fading perennials, clean the pots they were planted in, I even dyed some faded black jeans back to black again.  And several days this week I interacted with the phone line repair man as he worked to get our internet service working again.  And, of course, normal life was happening too - which includes the scheduled along with the spontaneous.  

It was a good week.  

And while I didn't get my blanket finished, I'm pleased as punch at what all did get done.

And I'm happy to say that as of Saturday morning we are finally, once again stably connected to the internet.  Stronger and faster than ever.    Everything's new.  New modem, new filters,  new wiring, we've been put on the new equipment at the "office" - I asked what that meant and got a complicated answer.  I suspect the simple answer was that we were paying for something we weren't getting (and now are, presumably...?)  And lastly on Saturday, a new NID was installed on the outside of our house (where the wires are attached) and FINALLY we are humming along, with no drops from the internet.  No interruptions to interacting on the web.  No lost posts.  No reboots while watching something on Netflix.  After two weeks of all the aforementioned, it's absolutely amazing!

And that's all she wrote.  To see what other YOPers are up to, visit our group on Ravelry!

An addendum...    I have joined in on NaBloPoMo (where bloggers post something each day) during the month of November.   In my posts, I'm just sharing my world - hopefully with pictures and a little commentary each day.  I love getting a glimpse into others' worlds, so I thought it might be a fun way to work this challenge.  It's not too late - until the month is over - to join in!  I can't find anything online that's official in regards to this challenge, though if there is, please let me (and others) know in a comment below!   


  1. That has reminded me to clean our windows next time we have a nice day...of course that could be April next year now lol!

  2. I wish you luck on posting every day. It is a fun challenge but one I will not take on this November as I get ready for my long trip - and I have alot of teaching this month. I am glad you had a productive week. Those little jobs add up and feel so good when completed. We washed our windows a couple of weeks ago but today when the sun finally came out I noticed on huge spider web on one of them - on the inside!

  3. It sounds as though you have had a great week and now you can relax knowing that is all done and the internet is back!

  4. Sounds like a bunch of frustration has been put to an end - that’s always a good thing!

    Good luck posting every day. I can barely manage once a week.

  5. yay for internet restoration! and for a good week, that in itself is quite something. For the last 2 years often by the end of the week I feel more shattered than anything. But taking pictures helps me see all the golden threads of goodness in my days. And Sunday always turns it back around so I can face Monday! Will look forward to your November posts! I love reading them! God bless dear friend!

  6. Thanks for stopping by Becki! Here is another gramma who does camps with her grandchildren.

  7. Love that blanket! I love seeing it so you can drag it out as long as you want! LOL! So happy you got the internet you deserve and all it's accompanying peripherals. If it hadn't been raining here all week I would have been working outside and on windows too...and it's still raining. Good for you with too! Do you use yarn from Hobby Lobby? It's always so pretty.

    1. The yarn I'm using for this blanket is Stylecraft Special DK. But I also enjoy using Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn. I don't think it wears as well, but the colors sure are pretty. And it's a joy to crochet with. So soft.

  8. The blanket is nearly there and getting all those jobs done is better than finishing it in my opinion. It's amazing how good getting a lot of jobs like that done around the house can be. Glad to hear you are back on the web air waves again.

  9. How productive you are. You are so good about taking care of those tasks. And LOL on first world problems; high speed and efficient internet is a must.


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