Saturday, November 3, 2018

Move along kids, nothing to see here...

There's a house on a large corner lot in our neighborhood where the owners put up, shall we say, interesting holiday displays.  I'm always eager to see what they come up with, and this year did not disappoint.  As of yesterday, the display was still up...
This Halloween display is oddly fascinating.  Above, we have Sleeping Beauty in the foreground, and I see Elsa (from Frozen), Snow White and the Little Mermaid, and I'm pretty sure that's Belle in the pretty yellow gown.   And as if skeletal Disney lasses isn't weird enough, they decided to throw in a tipsy Tigger for good measure. 

And seeing the picture below I'm suddenly wondering... Is Cinderella arriving for, or leaving the ball?    It probably doesn't matter as it appears she's late either way.  And am I the only one who thinks that pumpkin coach resembles Mr. Grinch? 

I don't know the family who lives here, but I imagine they have quite the sense of humor and have great fun putting together these displays.  I'm looking forward to what they put up next.  Though...  is it terrible to say...  while I enjoy seeing the different displays they put up in their yard, I'm kind of glad we're not in the line of vision of this property.


  1. That's a fun display. Yes, it looks like the Grinch lol!

  2. Quite an imagination. Do they do something big for every holiday? We have a few in our neighorhood that go all out for EVERY holiday. It is fun to see but so glad they are not our neighbors either.

    1. Now that you ask, I'm really not sure what holidays they do this for. I think I've become so used them having stuff out, I only really notice when they do something out of the ordinary. I realize this is tame compared to many Halloween displays, but it was notable (to me) because it was such a funny/weird combination of childhood fantasy with the macabre. It just made me stop and wonder...

  3. It's fun to see these sorts of displays - it amazes me sometimes the lengths that people will go to in creating them. We were driving home last night and were astounded at the numbers of Christmas lights that were already on.

  4. How fun to see that display. How fun for the family to come up with that idea.


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