Monday, November 5, 2018

Double the fun ...

Making scrambled eggs this morning, I cracked open two medium sized eggs and then a jumbo sized egg.  The jumbo egg had two yolks!  I was surprised and commented that I've never had a double-yolked egg before.  Then I cracked open another jumbo sized egg, and it had two yolks, too! 

Not needing any more eggs, I didn't want to keep cracking open jumbo eggs, but now I'm curious how many more double-yolked eggs I might find in that carton.  Maybe double yolks are common in jumbo sized eggs.  I normally buy large eggs, so I don't really know.

Evidently, it takes very little to amuse me, as I considered this quite a fun start to my day.  😄


  1. Very interesting. I have never bought jumbo eggs either. Kerp us posted.

  2. Hi Becki :) I'm very easily amused lol...a double yoked egg brings good fortune so keep crackin'!!! :)

  3. Lucky you! I just had my first double yolk not too long ago. I am buying organic eggs but not sure it makes a difference. A Double twice must mean 2 times the luck! Go buy a lottery ticket....NOW! LOL!

  4. oh fun! I would find that really neat too!!!

  5. What a neat find. I love eggs in any way. We can go through four dozen quickly here.


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