Friday, April 18, 2008

Show and Tell Friday

A while back we ruined a microwave by severely burning something in it. Okay, the real story is that middle son reheated a pork chop for 5 minutes - the house was filled with smoke and the chop was on fire when I walked in the door. The plate he was cooking on exploded and all in all.....this little episode did not bode well for my high hopes the boys could manage without adult supervision for any serious length of time.

After several days of trying to cook and gagging on burned pork chop smell, we admitted defeat and decided to replace the microwave. With our pronouncement of this news, oldest son suggested an experiment he had heard about.

First you take 1 old ruined, but working, microwave (you don't want to do this with a good working microwave, and I'll explain why in a minute). You place a bar of Ivory Soap in it (we used Lavender-scented).

Close the door and "cook" on high. This is what it looks like after about 45 seconds:

After a minute or so:

Pretty cool, isn't it? Well, we thought so, anyway. We used it afterwards for soap to wash with, btw. It was very fluffy. Hard fluff. Kind of weird, but kind of cool.

BTW, I suggest doing this outside because the smell of soap will become overpowering inside. Also, use a ruined, but operating, microwave because the smell of soap will remain and will permeate the microwave and I would imagine the lingering soap scent would flavor food cooked in it. The only thing I can imagine being worse than burned porkchop-flavored popcorn is soap-flavored popcorn.

Actually, I can imagine much worse, but it would not be polite for me to print it here.

So there you have it. Check out other's Show and Tell pictures at Kelli's place!


  1. Wow, I haven't heard that tip before. Does the food taste like soap when you cook in it, now? I've heard of wiping the inside walls of a burned microwave w/ water and baking soda, then running it with the water/baking soda in it, but don't know if that really works. Interesting.

  2. This was a good tip I'll be sure to remember. But the pictures of the soap fluffing up were great. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That really is so cool!
    Kathy@ Mimi's Garden

  4. This is bizarre how soap cooks!
    I would of used pure white
    vinegar in a glass cup and heat
    it up. Not sure tho if it would
    take away "major" microwave
    smoke damage.

  5. My hubby burnt a bag of popcorn and this would have been a great idea. The smell did go away after a month but it was sickening. great tip


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