Saturday, April 25, 2015

Crocheted Cowboy Booties

I had a little secret.  A couple months ago I crocheted a baby gift for a young friend, but since her baby shower wasn't until this month I wasn't able to show what I was making until now.    Here's what I was working on back in February:

I used this pattern from Crochet Crowd, but eliminated the little "heel".  For styling these, I want to give credit to Kim at The Little Red Farmhouse for originally creating these booties with all the details, but she has removed the post where she featured these.  I do see elsewhere on her blog that finished booties are available for purchase, though. 

The details were a bit fiddly and having no pattern available I had to figure everything out (everything but the booties themselves).  The strap was easy enough, but I found a star pattern online and adapted it for the stars on the sides and the half-spur.   Did I say these were a bit fiddly?  They were fiddly to the extreme - oh my - but it was satisfying to figure out.  And I was really pleased with the end result. 

The baby shower was in another state so I wasn't able to attend easily.  I packaged them up with some pretty pink burp cloths, tied up the girly box with a luscious pink ribbon, and off they went.

I know it looks like a simple gift, but every stitch was made imagining the mother-to-be's delight.  And I heard they were a hit.  I don't suppose it gets much better than that.  ;^)

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