Sunday, June 11, 2017

How hard can I make this?

Not much crocheting happened this week, but I did (and re-did) enough of a border on my Corner to Corner blanket to decide I didn't care for how the border was going, and decided I needed to put the whole thing aside until I find the inspiration to finish it in a way that I'm going to be happy with.

With that large project put in time-out just before the weekend I didn't think I had anything to show yarn-wise, but then I remembered that I never did show a square I crocheted - back in April, I think.  It's only square #5 for my BAM (Block-A-Month) Blanket:

I remember after I made this block I felt a bit unsettled about it going with the other blocks I had made. This block made me think that I should probably be more intentional (maybe careful?) about just how varied in color I make all the blocks that will go in this blanket.

After finishing the above square it hit me that it would probably be a good idea for every block to have at least one color in common, and it probably should be a bold (or obvious) color.

Looking at what I've completed so far, I'm thinking maybe the gold color would be a good color to put in each square to create cohesiveness.  Unfortunately, that would make this newest square
not fit in.  I don't know...  What do you think?:

I think I'm at a crossroads where I need to make a decision about what will make these squares cohesive, and stick with it.  I hesitate to make another square that doesn't have gold because, well... I may end up with another one I'm not sure of.  On the other hand, making some more without gold, and maybe with completely different combinations of colors, will be the only way I can tell if I can successfully use squares that don't have any one color in common.

I'm open to suggestions.  The only thing I'm pretty decided about is that I plan to use the dark blue yarn to border and/or join all the squares, and then to border the blanket itself.   My original thought was as long as I use the blue or another equally dark color in a square, that dark color could be the anchor, bringing a cohesiveness to all the squares.  Looking at the squares above, though, the thing that stands out to me as being most cohesive is the gold color.

I think I know the answer - at least the answer I'm most comfortable with, but I'm always curious how others see things.  Feel free to comment below with your ideas, thoughts, suggestions.

Does a different layout produce a different sense about how they go together?

I had no idea when I started on this project how complicated I could make it.   I shouldn't be surprised.  I am the queen of overthinking things and making the simple complicated.

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  1. so hoping someone else had already commented. Oh well lol. I see your dilemma. There is brown in each square also but..... the gold is what pops out. The pink also pops in the few squares it is used in. Here is my thought.......take the last square apart and make it with sone gold in it. I think the gold is going to be your cohesive color.

    1. That is a very good suggestion, Marsha, but I already wove in my ends. I could cut it apart, I suppose, but I think I'd prefer the gold to be integrated into it rather than just have it on the outer portion of the square. Thank you for weighing in on the gold. I think that is the obvious choice, but it helps to hear from others, too.

  2. I love the idea of the gold colour as the common colour. Could you add some duplicate stitch in the gold in the centre of that square to make it pop? Just an idea.

    1. I have wondered if there is a way to do some top-stitching with the gold yarn. I've never done that before, so I have no idea how adept I'd be at it. But I'll keep that idea queued in my brain as something to look into. Thank you, Mary-Anne.

  3. You may hate me for suggesting this but you could frog a few rows of the new block and use gold where the white is and then have the blue border. MAYBE that would look ok. (?) Or make another square and add those colors.


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