Saturday, March 1, 2008

Expo Night

Below are some pictures taken at our Homeschool Group's annual Expo Night. This year, with the help of a very talented mom in our group, the teens produced an "Old Time Radio Show" and the various talents of the children were the radio show's program. Very clever idea.

Ben (in red) made an "Interesting Animals of Madigascar" display and also exhibited his own lego creation depicting a scene in The Last Crusade.

The teens who produced the Old Time Radio Show. Joel (in the back in plaid shirt) played the role of Cameron Townsend and also was a sound effect "technician".

The young ones who performed a choreographed program illustrating people groups around the globe and everyone's great need of the gospel. Ben in front (second from the left).

"Window on the World" presentation by the younger children. Ben in red with purple flag.

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