Sunday, March 19, 2017

Spring is in the air...

You know... I wasn't going to post anything today because I've been feeling puny all week.  Struck with a bad cold (again), I've been under the weather. Completely unproductive.  The week was a total wash.  Or so it seemed.  As the weekend approached I didn't feel like I had anything to write about or any pictures to share.

But then this afternoon I started to feel a little better.  The sun is shining and it's warming up a bit and I'm suddenly inspired to give a little peek  at something I've been working on for the last couple of months:

I've been making and building a stash of colorful, flowery 5-inch squares that will hopefully make it into a large colorful, flower-filled blanket someday.  I know it doesn't look like much for a couple months of work, but it's a project that's going on in the background, something mindless to pick up when nothing else suits.

Some of you may recognize the flower motif in the center as the Maybelle flower from the Maybelle Flower Square.  Well, the evolution of the squares above is a story I'll tell another time (along with the pattern I've come up with that will include credits where credits are due - which is nearly everywhere else than with me), but for now it will have to suffice to thank my friend Sandra (Sam) for pointing the pretty Maybelle Flower Square out to me.   I love the pretty, simple design - and now 18 squares into the total of 80 plus I'll need to finish a largish blanket, I'm happy to say I haven't even come close to tiring of it yet.

Here in central Indiana, with temperatures in the 50's today, and with the sun shining through wispy clouds, it is the very essence of spring time.  And spring it will be here in two more days! The magnolia blossoms that popped out too early on the tree in the front yard appear doomed from last week's snow and freezing temperatures.  But I'm now thinking of the tulips that will soon be blooming along the back of the house, and the day lilies that will shortly follow them, along with potted flowers I can't get planted soon enough.  Aaahhh!   Beautiful flowers will soon replace a tired, if mild, winter here.

Yes, spring is coming!  In nature and in our spirits.  While I don't observe Lent in a traditional sense, I am aware of this season of spiritual reflection and anticipation and I am thankful for a faith that parallels the promises of spring and new life it brings forth.  Whether or not we share any commonalities in our beliefs about spiritual things, we get to witness the same new life bursting forth each spring, and revel in the gift of hope that spring brings with it as we leave the days of winter behind.  And that gift of hope is glorious!

I do realize some of you are anticipating autumn right now and some others of you have wonderful climates nearly year round, but for those of us in that vast middle place across the globe, where the seasons are pronounced and often unpredictable, spring days are a real tonic for the spirit.  And mine is lifted in anticipation of it.

Wherever you live, I hope the coming week is a good one for you.


  1. Holy Canoli! I didn't even recognize it as the Maybelle Flower as yours looks so different with the awesome colors you've chosen! It is going to be one beauty of a blanket! I agree with you on the enjoyment factor and after working on a small project of them, I too would like to make a nice sized blanket with them and all different colored flowers like yours...of course...I'm such a copycat! LOL! I love how your flowers really 'pop' because you used the same color yarn to surround cool! You are like Emeril always 'kick it up a notch'! LOL! What a gorgeous blanket that is going to be. I think everyone needs a 'background' project but please show more of your squares as you make them. You don't have to wait until projects are finished to show them off. If that was the case, I would never blog! LOL! So glad the sun is shining and hope you feel better and's no fun being sick. Take care my friend!
    P.S. I too am more spiritual than religious and your writing about Spring is like are very talented in so many ways!

    1. Emeril Lagasse. lol You always make me smile (or LOL), Sam! Okay... I will show my squares as I accumulate more. I don't always wait to show finished projects, but it does seem like it lately - I think because I've only done smallish projects recently (well, except for the Moroccan Tile - but I showed a few progress pictures of that early on). Thank you for your encouraging words about what I wrote about spring. I don't know how talented I am, but I had a moment of inspiration today after watching a video of a Bible study I missed last week (due to being sick). I suddenly felt very thankful after days and days of feeling sick of being sick. I'm heading toward being healthy again. I'm ready to have a spring in my step! :)

  2. Love your post. I am looking forward to Spring and on my walk today saw daffodils! I am observing Lent by staying off facebook. It has been wonderful, and I am thinking of staying off once Lent is over. I love your squares. They will make a cozy, homey blanket that will keep you warm with the love of your crafting.

    1. Daffodils! I think we might have had daffodils blooming by now (or sometime this next week) except for last week's freeze. Everything was popping out and ready to burst forth (a tad too early) and suddenly got zapped!

    2. Suddenly, later this week I'm noticing daffodils. They're everywhere and they are beautiful!

  3. Oh this is pretty. I am looking at more snow out my window at the moment, so anything bright and pretty is cheering me up. I actually love Lent: we try to set challenges for ourselves during this time. Nothing outrageous, but mostly things that distract us from from Spirit within and with out. Thankfully chocolate has never distracted me from God so I have never had to give that up!


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