Sunday, April 9, 2017

Yarny goodness...

I've worked a bit more on the Round Jacob's Ladder baby blanket and decided to braid up the open spaces to the point where I left off yesterday.   (The lighter blue yarn is much prettier in real life.  For some reason it wants to photograph as a grayish, sort of mint green.  The yarn I'm using is Hobby Lobby's ILTY in the colors White, Sea Blue and Arctic Blue)

I just can't get over how simple this blanket is to crochet.  To be completely honest, though, the pattern is a tad rough.  I don't point that out to be critical, but to give a heads up.  At first glance the pattern may not feel intuitive at all, but once you decipher some of the odd punctuation in the pattern, this blanket is a breeze to work up.  Seriously...   replace a period with a comma here or there (or vice versa), and you're all set.

Also... I'm participating in the Red Heart Lover's spring blanket CAL, and this week I started a Corner to Corner blanket in the fairly unimpressive colorway Aran Fleck:

It doesn't look like much at the moment, but I hope to make it more interesting with a toffee colored border.  I'm thinking that will be fitting for what I hope will  be a masculine looking throw.

Other than this and some more embroidery on my pillowcases, that's all there has been on the crafty front this week. I have a number of home projects to get going on and I'm trying to find the motivation to get them started.  Getting started is always the hardest, isn't it?  Thankfully, spring weather boosts the spirits and makes "starting" a little easier somehow.  Or so I'm telling myself right now.   I'm so very glad for tulips blooming, our having sown grass seed yesterday, and now entertaining thoughts of pretty flowers soon to be planted.  But projects and work will wait for tomorrow.  On this beautiful warm Sunday afternoon I'm going to go outside and enjoy crocheting in the fresh air. 🌞

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  1. The baby blanket is going great. So sad to hear thenpattern is not written as well as it could be. I like the C2C blanket and agree the toffee border is going to set it off. Very masculine.

  2. I love that pattern...into my queue it goes. Your C2C looks so soft and inviting.

  3. Amazing how much difference punctuation and grammar can make! It's a very striking blanket though, particularly when I imagine it in its true colours. Lovely work!

    The weather over the last couple of days has been lovely here too, and I think we're expecting another couple of fabulous days! I'm going to take your lead and get out there to enjoy the sunshine!

  4. The Jacob's Ladder blanket is so interesting and I love the colors you chose. I really like the C2C too as with my boys I am always looking for something masculine too. I always love your color choices. That woul dmake a nice Christmas gift! Enjoy your sunshine!

  5. Both of your blankets are gorgeous. I love both colours and a toffee border will be perfect.

  6. This Jacob's Ladder is amazing. I have had to "rewrite" crochet patterns before because of the punctuation so I understand how you had to spend some time deciphering it. Thank you for your cheerful comment on my socks post. I'm always trying to think of ways to style an FO. Pinterest helps but well, with socks you can only do so much, LOL. I believe I've exhausted my skirts for socks.