Sunday, April 3, 2016

When inspiration doesn't strike...

I've been looking forward to starting a Call the Midwife Blanket.  So this week, I did.

But after completing one section of the pattern repeat I decided I wasn't completely enthralled with it. Actually, I didn't like how it was turning out at all.  I don't know why.  I don't know if it's the yarn I'm using (Stylecraft DK), or if it just doesn't show well before it gets a good blocking.  I've had to block enough items, though, that I don't think that would turn me off from a project.  Not completely sure why I can look at pictures and love the variations that crocheters have come up with, but I look at my own start and not like it at all, I've decided to not be rash and rip it out, but to lay it aside to think on it for a while.

Then looking over in the large crochet basket, I'm reminded that I still need to finish Part 3 of the Mandala Madness CAL.  I looked at what I had so far and I didn't feel inspired by it either.  I'm still struggling with my sense of ambivalence  about the colors I've chosen to work with.

While I'm not too sure about this project either, I'm pretty committed to at least seeing it through to a small child-size blanket.  I'm choosing to look at it as an exercise in playing with color and hope for something fun - maybe even a bit whimsical when it's completed.  Not feeling convinced, I suppose, I'd not been able to bring myself to work on it for most of last week.  Let's hope I get some whimsy-vision going here.  I need to not get too far behind...

Fearing I'm lapsing into a bit of dry spell where it comes to crochet inspiration, I'm thinking I just need to do something that doesn't require a great deal of thought, but on the other hand doesn't have a pattern that is so repetitive that it numbs the mind.

Looking on Ravelry for something that might fit what I need, I came across The Diamond Stitch Baby Blanket.    What a lovely, simple design!   It's proving to be pretty perfect for what I hope are just some temporary crochet doldrums.  An almost elegant design that's just the right amount of challenge to keep me on my toes.  Unfortunately, I'm learning this the hard way, as I've found myself several times needing to rip back to a place where I hadn't bothered to count, but for some reason didn't notice it until I was a few rows beyond my mistake.  Clearly, I wasn't paying attention for a while.

There's no good reason why I'm not at least halfway into my second set of diamonds, except for my not paying attention, so hopefully now that I realize I can't "zone out" I will be more careful and get this whipped up pretty quickly.  I'm using one of my favorite acrylics, Deborah Norville's Everyday yarn, though I think most crocheters (on Ravelry) have made this pattern out of a lighter worsted, Dk, or even sport weight yarn.  As I searched my stash I found plenty of this wonderful shade of Orchid in worsted weight and I decided to go with it.  So far it seems to be working very nicely.

To see what others are working on in their Year of Projects this spring, visit this week's thread on Ravelry.  Come see what we're all about and consider joining us if it looks like fun.  If you'd like to start when we begin  a new YOP year, that happens on July 1st.

To access all the links in this post, you'll need a free Ravelry membership.  Membership is easy and the community there is greatly encouraging.


  1. I am in love with the colorsof your mandela blanket. Your midwife blanket will be fine. Maybe more pattern repeats will help. Your diamond blanket is cute and looksto work up pretty fast. Glad you found something to keep your mojo going.

  2. I think all your projects are gorgeous, the first blanket is lovely but I can't feel the yarn of course!