Sunday, July 2, 2017

Happy New YOP Year!

I'm joining fellow bloggers again in my third Year of Projects. The concept is simple.   Each blogger creates a list (however s/he wants to fashion it) and for a year posts about the progress made on this list.  My goal is to post every Sunday (July through June).  This weekly goal is hugely motivating for me.  

My weekly posts are progress reports (of a sort) with pictures, but I keep my actual list here and try to update it as the year progresses.  There's also a tab (under the banner of my blog) that will take one to my current YOP list.

The first part of my list is about processes. Techniques and new skills I hope to challenge myself to do throughout the year go here.  The second part of my list (Projects Completed) is basically an idea mill where I can plug in things that grab my attention (or as I start or finish them) during the year.

So here we go:


Tunisian crochet - learn new stitch patterns. 

Knitting - challenge myself beyond the humble dishcloth.  Though I do love my knitted dishcloths...

Use a crochet or knitting tool I've never used before. 

Try to learn how to read a charted crochet pattern.  

Challenge myself regarding photos of finished objects.  Learn about and practice better picture-taking. Learn how to better use my camera.
         Read and apply lessons in Understanding Exposure
         Participate in Ravelry: Project Photography group
Read & review at least 1 book on fiber or textile arts.  

Continue creating a crafting space that is inviting and that works well for me 


Projects Completed

In the spirit of creating actual projects my idea list includes:

- Item(s) for the home
       practical, but pretty:

       and purely aesthetic or whimsical:
- Finish BAM CAL blanket I began in January, 2017:

- Finish my Flower Garden Blanket:

- A shawl or poncho
          (finish my Lost In Time Shawl):

- Gifts given     
- Items made with the intention of someday gifting (but no current recipient)
- A garment

- Thread crochet 
- Something from a vintage pattern

- Something whimsical (I need more whimsy)
- Something(s) for charity/ministry
        Twiddle Muff  (finish the one I started last year): 

- A container  (a basket, a bowl, a box...)  
- Any number of items that just strike my fancy, but don't seem to fit anywhere else
- Knit items 

- Felting 

- Embroidery and/or cross stitch 
         Embroidered pillow cases  (finish these!):

- Sew something for the home  

- Sew an article of clothing 

- Crochet (or knit) from my stash - goal: diminish stash by 50% 

- Crochet my library - crochet from books or publications I own 


Okay...that's good for starters.  I'm sure this will evolve over time, but I work best with a list that's open ended and idea-generating and, most importantly...flexible... as I progress through the year.

If this sounds interesting to you (to either join in with your own Year of Projects, or just see what others are doing), check out the Year of Project group on Ravelry.  While the YOP year begins on July 1st, you can join at any time!


  1. This all looks good. I like that start to your flower garden blanket. I also like your stack of dishcloths. I have a board on Pinterest to inspire me when I have to take a photo shoot of an FO. A lot of these pins are either from catalog/website model shoots or even pictures of pins from Ravelry project pages. Take many photos as you can of an FO and then you can pick and choose and then edit them.

  2. I am so in love with your Lost in Time shawl. So vibrant and the colors are inviting. Your list for this year is fantastic and I can see you growing in your craft knowledge this year.

  3. Becki, as usual what a great list, it's very idea inspiring and I love your blankets and shawl, they are beautiful. What a great pile of dishcloths, you've done brilliantly on the knitting front from I last visited, I'm very impressed. I've returned to stitching but instead of including it in my YOP I will be doing a separate update weekly on my blog (I've to decide what day) so we can chat stitching throughout the year as well.

  4. What a lovely list. I love the flexibility it offers and the range of crafts you have there.

  5. Looks like a good list - I love the idea of trying a new tool, and new techniques.Your crochet squares are so intricate and colourful and inspire me to really take my crochet to a new level.

  6. Your colour combinations are so nice - They have such a charming vintage feel. And your emroidery is beautiful! Here's to a good, productive year ahead!

  7. LOVE your list of open ended inspiration! You gave me lots of ideas also, per usual! I forgot about the Twiddle that and I have always loved embroidered pillow cases. Your dish clothes are great and your blankets are beautiful. I always love your colors and your work is perfection no matter what you tackle.