Sunday, October 8, 2017

Squares and more squares...

This past week I finished the first four squares in the Last Dance Blanket:

And I came up with this color scheme and layout (using stash yarn):

The color representations aren't completely accurate (e.g. it's hard to convey "dusty" and "clear" in the colors that are those), but I think this graphic is a fair approximation of the colors I'm planning on using.  And I kind of like it so far.  Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind about any of the colors as I go.  I've already learned that two of the colors I have yet to crochet squares for are discontinued, so right out of the gate I'm adapting my plans.

If you'd like to join a current CAL for this blanket, we're working on it together in Our Happy CAL Group on Ravelry.  We just started the second week (second square) today and the CAL will go through the end of December.

Each pattern is worked 4 times, so at the end of each week we should have four squares completed, and at the end of 12 weeks (which will be the end of December), we should have 48 squares!   And then a couple of weeks in January will be dedicated to joining and crocheting the border.  Wish me well!  And come join me, if you like!


As if that wasn't enough of a project to start this past week, I was inspired to try a square from the Stardust Melodies Blanket by gifted crochet designer, Polly Plum.  And after I crocheted that square I was so impressed by the video tutorial and how perfect and nice the square turned out, I decided to consider making a small blanket of some of the squares in this collection.

The first square I tried is called Don't Fence Me In:

I followed Polly's video tutorial (which is available at the link above) and I must say she is thorough and her instructions are easy to follow.  I look forward to making more of her designs.

Note:  Polly has published an e-book that has many more patterns (and accompanying video tutorials) for a large Stardust Melodies blanket, so check it out if you think you might be interested and want more than the 12 free patterns Polly generously provides on her website


And finally, I decided to pull out a long-languishing project.  Okay, I know some of you have projects that have languished a lot longer than this one, but I hadn't worked on this Fairly Isleish sweater since trying to block out the seriously crooked center-front edges (that was in June, I think).

What used to look like this:

Now has a straight button band on one side and a button-hole band on the other side of the center-front:

And the beginning of a toddler-sized long sleeve:

I'm going to try to get this finished!  If not by the end of this week, then by the next.  There might be a little person out there who'd be warmed by this cute little sweater and it will soon be turning chilly here.

And that's it here in my little corner of the crochet world.  The coming week promises to be busy and if I think to take some pictures, I may have something new and interesting to show and tell about next week.
Hmmm...  aren't you curious now?!?  😉

To see what other YOPPERs are up to, visit our group on Ravelry.


  1. I always find it neat to see crocheted garments. I'm glad those patterns are making more of an appearance in today's fashion. You did very well with these crocheted squares. It's neat how bobbles can make images too.

    1. Thank you for dropping by just now, Becki. I have to find something to wear with Edginess. I hope to keep with that rockstar, edgy vibe.

  2. Yup, I'm curious! I hope it's something fun!

    Isn't it nice to make solid progress with old WIPs? I hope you can finish it up. Looks like the perfect little fall cardi for a little miss!

  3. Okay, there you go again, tempting me with your lovely projects! I love both blanket squares because I like ones that aren't 'holy' in holes. I love the colors you chose too. Is there a website where you can lay out your colors like that or did you do that yourself? I really like Polly's pattern and maybe next year I'll buy presents so I can make stuff for me....did I just say that? So selfish of me but there are so many neat projects out there that I would like to partake in but I am always making for presents or am I just slow? LOL! The sweater is precious!

    1. Hi Sam. You are so encouraging. :) I simply used Word and the Table tool (if you have Word, this should be in your toolbar). This was my first time trying this and I found it relatively easy to do, but if you want some help contact me on Ravelry, and I'll send you my e-mail.

      In terms of the color layout, I actually started with the color-layout from the pattern (though using colors I designated for each week). I had to do some tweaking to get things laid out evenly, but I need to be be honest and say I didn't start from scratch in laying out the colors.

  4. I love your squares - you have been busy and your little sweater is soooooo cute. I bought some crochet cotton yesterday to start a doily. I think I have caught your crochet bug.

  5. New and interesting...I AM intrigued! :) Your squares are lovely, I really like the Don't Fence Me In design! That sweater looks great!

  6. You have done so well with the sweater and it is now so nearly finished, I look forward to seeing the fo. Love the squares and if I didn't have so many dream projects I would join you!

  7. Becki, all those squares are going to make a lovely blanket. You have chosen a lovely color layout too. The 2 new squares are quite nice and I think, if done in cotton, would make wonderful dishcloths.

    The toddler sweater is sweet as can be. You are right, there is going to be a nice warm toddler this winter, thanks to you.


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