Sunday, February 10, 2019

My fickle sweet hearts...

Here today with a very short progress report on my Sweetheart Blanket.   After much second guessing, ripping back, and re-crocheting, I've probably (in terms of effort) made this blanket over at least two times by now.  
Oddly...  as tired as I am of crocheting this blanket, I really do like the design of it.  I keep imagining various other color combinations, but I dare not start another before this one is finished (or, I suppose, given up on).  Bottom line is I know I don't have a perfect gradient of colors in my stash for making an ombre like I'd like.  And in retrospect, I wish I had just gone with some fun colors (as opposed to shades of pink/red), but seriously...  I've come too far to just give up, I feel.

Wish me well as I add the last two colors and finish this project this week!

To see what other YOPers are up to, 

Just to prove spring did not actually arrive early last weekend (when I was sitting outside on my deck in shirt sleeves crocheting), this picture more accurately depicts early February in central Indiana (taken this afternoon 2/10):

But no complaints here.  Tomorrow is supposed to be in the high 40's!   And Tuesday in the 50's!  Before it turns cold and snows again...  How many times can I say what a crazy winter we're having?!?


  1. I like the colors on your blanket. Sorry you are not as happy with it. I have not forgotten about the pattern I promised you. I will get it scanned and sent yet this week.

  2. I think the pinks tone really well together and will just get better as you progress. Stick with it, it’s a lovely pattern.

  3. I love that blanket and those colors....all of a sudden I am loving's a first for me! You do such beautiful work and it sure looks gradient to me. It's crazy here too weather-wise. It's been raining for 2 days but at least not freezing rain! PLT! Stay warm and cozy...good weather for crocheting!

  4. That is some snow. An afghan is perfect for snuggling under in cold weather. My teen snuggles under the one my grandmother made for her.

  5. We have had snow the last two days - it seems like we often have a white Valentine's Day. I love the blanket colours - reminds me of candy! (Hmmm. Maybe I need to go have a snack).

  6. Your Afghan is lovely and the pattern looks like fun.

  7. It looks like an interesting stitch....I don't tend to do bigger projects anymore for that reason...


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