Saturday, September 16, 2023

Green Beans, Sausage and Potatoes...

On a much lighter note than recent previous posts, I'm shifting gears to share (mostly recording here for myself so I don't lose it) a new-to-me dish and recipe:  Green Beans, Potatoes and Sausage.   

A super easy recipe, that harkens back to simpler, heartier times, this is actually a very old dish.  I imagine my own mother made it and served it, and I'm sure I would not have thought this was good as child.  In fact, it was only when a friend made it for us recently that I found out how delicious it is.  I've made it twice now - with mixed results.

My best version of this was made with fresh green beans.  Many people use canned green beans, but when I tried them they cooked down too quickly, and when I reheated it, the green beans were practically mush.  While I didn't cook the canned beans nearly as long as I cooked the fresh green beans, I may have still cooked them too long.

There are many variations of this recipe online, and this one is very simple.  It can be made bolder by adding bacon, or using bacon drippings, and by using some other spices (I'm thinking of trying a shake of Creole spice mix next time).

I cooked the ingredients separately, and add them all together after the beans are cooked since the separate ingredients will take different times to cook.  Most recipes I've seen online do not do this, so I'm open to thoughts and suggestions about this.  I've also seen a sheet pan recipe that looks like it might just be amazing.  But for now, I offer up:

Green Beans, Potatoes and Sausage


Fresh Green Beans (as much as you want to make)
Potatoes, cut up into bite-size pieces  (I think any type will do)
Rope sausage, sliced or cut in chunky bite-sized pieces  
         (I used Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage)
Chicken Stock (at least a quart)
Onion, chopped
Garlic Powder (can also use fresh, minced garlic)
Any other favorite seasonings, to taste

Wash and cut fresh green beans.  Heat beans up in a pot of water or chicken stock (or a combination of both) and cook until beans are tender.  Depending on the type of green bean used, this can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or more.  If using canned green beans skip cooking the beans ahead of time. 

While beans are cooking, saute slices of sausage along with chopped onion until the sausage is heated through and browned.  Set aside.

About 30 minutes before the beans should be done, either boil or fry up the potato pieces (I boiled mine, but will saute them the next time) until tender.  Drain boiled potatoes and set aside.

Once the green beans are tender, add the seasonings along with the sausage and potatoes to the pot of green beans.  Cook until flavors meld, and the whole thing is hot. 

You can eat this like a stew by scooping out liquid with the beans, potatoes and sausage, or use a slotted spoon to dish onto a plate.  We've eaten this as a main dish (don't think I served anything else with it), and I've enjoyed the leftovers for as long as they've lasted.  The first batch (made with fresh green beans) I shared with a friend, I thought it was that good.    

I would be interested in reading in the comments any variations you may have made of this dish.  Also, I'd love to hear others' experience and suggestions you have for using canned or even frozen green beans.


  1. This is an interesting change of pace for you! I don't think I've had that combo, but I've noted it. When I add potatoes into anything needing them precooked, I usually microwave them for about 8 minutes if they're big, then dice them. Too lazy to boil them!

    1. Well that's an idea, Liz! Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. It looks really good. We would cook everything separate also as one of my sons has a potato intolerance. I think we may give this a try!
    Thank you, Becki.
    You all be safe and God bless.

    1. You're welcome, Linda. I hope it turns out good for you if you make it.

  3. Becki, we do a similar recipe, except substitute red and orange bell peppers (as green beans are not a favorite here).

  4. Yum! This looks so good! My grandma would always serve new potatoes with fresh green beans-but I don't remember sausage added to it. That would have been very good!

  5. The recipe looks tasty. I don't know that I have seen it with sausage. I have seen potatoes and green beans cooked together with maybe a wee bit of ham chunks in it.
    I am just now getting to comment on the crazy hospital story. I am so sorry that happened and I would have been totally aggravated too. I hope they listen to you for future reference. It is so sad that litigations have probably caused there to be no common sense anymore.

    1. I can totally see this with ham chunks, Sandy!

  6. I will have to make this soon. We have a friend in Ohio who used to make this and bring it to potlucks!

    1. I've been thinking it would make a good pot luck dish. I will need to test it out in that capacity.