Year of Projects 2016-2017

I'm joining fellow bloggers again in my second Year of Projects. The concept is simple.   Each blogger creates a list (however s/he wants to fashion it) and for a year posts about the progress made on this list.  Ideally, posts will be made every Sunday (July through June).   Clicking here or on the image above will bring up all my Year of Project Posts for 2016-17 (most current posts first).

The first part of my list is about processes. Techniques and new skills I hope to challenge myself to do, to learn, to practice go here.  It will be nice if practicing and sampling produces some end products, but for the purpose of the first half of the list learning is the project, per se. Then the second part of my list (Projects Completed) is basically an idea mill where I can plug in things that grab my attention (or as I start or finish them) during the year.

Here we go:


Tunisian crochet - learn new stitch patterns.  didn't do anything with this after my first project.

Knitting - Most of my knitting was of dishcloths - I truly desired to improve my tension issues and I think I've come a long way.  My one non-dishcloth knitting project was this Fox Scarf.

Soft sculpture/Amigurumi - 2nd year I didn't do this.  I'm thinking I'm not really into Ami.

Use a crochet or knitting tool I've never used before.  don't think this happened

Try to learn how to read a charted crochet pattern.  didn't happen

Challenge myself regarding photos of finished objects.  Learn about and practice better picture-taking. Learn how to better use my camera.
         Read and apply lessons in Understanding Exposurehonestly, this didn't happen with any regularity.  Will add this to next year's list.
         Participate in Ravelry: Project Photography group:  same as above
Read & review 1 book on fiber or textile arts.  seriously?  I didn't do this, either?

Explore joining a local group of fiber artists.  I'm really thinking if this doesn't happen organically (grow out of discussions of knitting or crocheting) I'm, actually, not in the end, all that excited about this idea.  I'm dropping it from next year's list, but will happily report if/when it happens. 

Attend a fiber arts festival.  didn't happen

Attend some craft fairs to see what others are making.  hanging my head in embarrassment now.

Get to know a charity/ministry through which I'd like to benefit others with my crochet or knitting.  embarrassment is now turning to shame

Create a crafting space that is inviting and that works well for me - while I'd love for our "craft room" to be more special than it is, I have done a good bit of organizing and keep it tidier than I've managed in the past.  So, there's progress here.

Projects Completed

In the spirit of creating actual projects my idea list includes:

- Item(s) for the home
       practical, but pretty:

           Tunisian Shadow Stitch Pillow cover - July, 2016
          Spice of Life blanket   - August, 2016  
          A flower garden blanket - started January, 2017 (inspired by various sources) 
          Moroccan Tile blanket - March, 2017
          BAM CAL blanket - started January, 2017

         April Showers doily - August, 2016
         Heart's Desire doily - February, 2017
         Apple Coasters - September, 2016

  Potholders for Posterity:
         Birdhouse potholder - August, 2016
         Sunflower potholder - August, 2016
         Chicken potholders - October, 2016
         Log Cabin potholder - January, 2017
         Sweet Heart potholder - February, 2017

      and purely aesthetic or whimsical:
         Minature Pumpkin - September, 2016

- Sew a project bag (a bag to hold a crochet project and accompanying yarn) - nope
- A blanket inspired by Cherry Heart
       Spice of Life Blanket - finished one in August, 2016
       Gingerbread Blanket (2nd Spice of Life) - finished in October, 2016
- A shawl or poncho
        Lost in Time Shawl - made a start 
- Gifts        
        Linen Stitch Scarf - August, 2016
        Flying Disc - August, 2016 
        Linen Stitch Scarves as Christmas gifts - December, 2016  
        more Flying Discs - February, 2017

- Items made with the intention of someday gifting (but no current recipient)
        Round Jacob's Ladder Baby Blanket - May, 2017

- A garment - nope

- Something made with thread
        Round Base Goody Bag - July, 2016
        April Showers Doily - September, 2016

- Something vintage
         Birdhouse Potholder - August, 2016

- Something completely whimsical
        Fox Scarf - October, 2016
        Botanical Bookmark - March, 2017
- Something one of the guys in my family would wear/use
        Linen Stitch Scarves - December, 2016
- Something(s) for charity/ministry
        Twiddle Muff - not finished, but it was started with the intention of determining if this is a charity project I might be interested in making more of...
- A container  (a basket, a bowl, a box...)  
        Felted bowl - May, 2017      

- Any number of items that just strike my fancy, but don't seem to fit anywhere else
        Cotton drawstring bag - July, 2016
- Knit items - any knit items fall into the category of "learning to knit" and are mentioned above.

- Try felting 
         Felted bowl - May, 2017

- Embroidery and/or cross stitch 
         Embroidered pillow cases - began April, 2017

- Sew something for the home  - didn't happen

- Sew an article of clothing - didn't happen

- Crochet (or knit) from my stash - goal: diminish stash by 50%  - didn't happen, but I am growing more intentional about working from stash.

- Crochet my library - crochet from books or publications I own - ????


Note:  You will need to be a member of Ravelry to fully access the links in this post. Consider joining if you're not a member.  The resources there are astounding.  And membership is free and easy.

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