Thursday, November 7, 2019

Less is more - day 7

First off, I want to say how much I enjoyed and appreciated the comments left on yesterday's post about journaling. So much good food for thought.  I look forward to replying to them individually tomorrow when I have more time to do that.

In a little while I have plans to meet a friend for an early supper downtown, and after we eat and chat for a while we're walking to a close-by venue to listen to an author talk hosted by our county library system.  The presenting author is Lisa Jewell.  I re-homed the one book of hers I had, but if I like what I hear from her tonight I'm thinking of downloading the book off Hoopla and listening to it as I knit or crochet or cross stitch.

Today I'm still sifting through items that were boxed up when I cleared my "yarn room" to paint it; and since I was having trouble coming up with 7 items to get rid of from those boxes, I pulled some yarn out of my closet to re-home.  Hmmm... if the pickin's get slim as I go forward with the challenge, I could make some real progress on cutting down my yarn hoard by just opening up the doors and making up the slack with yarn!  The sad fact is I could play the whole 30-Day Minimalism Game using only yarn...

Pictured is a GelGrip kit (I don't even remember what I bought it to use on).  A candle that's a little too potent for my tastes, 3 little notebooks (2 are packaged together and counted as one in the picture), and 3 skeins of yarn.

Be sure to check in tomorrow because I have an idea that I'm hoping is as clever as my brain is thinking it is right now.  I just haven't pulled it together yet.  Have I got you curious?  😄


  1. someday I will have to do this too (decluttering...) just getting back online after being abroad! hope you are having a good day today!

  2. I'm quite proud of the fact that I've been using up my yarn stash (which was a very small stash to begin with). I went through what I had and married up patterns with it and have been working my way through. At this point I'm hard pressed to come up with enough to actually make anything so I guess it was a success. Now if I could just turn my attention to my accumulated stash of crazy quilt fabric fodder!

  3. What happens to me is I donate craft supplies and then a month later, I go looking and looking for that 'one thing', just sure it's here somewhere and then remember I gave it away lol. Darn!

  4. You have my I curiosity peaked. While working in using my stash, I have realized there is plenty of yarn I will never use. Time for another clean out and donate it to our prayer shawl ministry.

  5. I'll have to check out Hoopla....I've never heard of it. Why are you getting rid of yarn....won't you just need it later to make things? Will you end up buying more? By the addendum to my journaling comment yesterday. There are sections to that 1 page, both sides notebook paper. 1) date, time, temp and what I did the day before, 2) plans for current day, 3) listening and hopefully hearing what God wants from me that day 4) 10 things I am grateful for 5) my written prayer for the day. I then go back through and highlight what actions I wrote down for that day which then get transferred to my bullet journal entry for that day. Keep up the good work! You've motivated me as usual and I thank you!